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33 жылдан астам уақыт өтті, бізде әлі жасырынатын ештеңе жоқ. Егер сізде сұрақ туындаса, бізде жауап бар. Төменде бірнеше сұрақтар мен жауаптарды табыңыз.

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Which energy sources does Red Bull use in the production?

We are continuously increasing the share of renewable energies in our production at the sites in Austria and Switzerland; currently we are at around 80%.

An emphasis on sustainability throughout the entire product cycle is a central concern for us. In addition, we save resources and energy through making all technical and logistical processes as efficient as possible. And it goes without saying that we are striving to continuously improve ourselves in all areas that affect the environment and sustainability.

Please find additional information on the Red Bull energy mix here.

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Вопросы & Ответы

Вопросы & Ответы


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