A tribute to Vince Reffet

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In his preferred playground, embracing the firmament, his talent was without bounds.
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An outstanding athlete, living life to the fullest, he has left us at the age of 36. French skydiver Vince Reffet passed away while training in the skies of Dubai in preparation for the Jetman project.
Whether by parachute or wearing powered wings with Jetman, Vince never ceased to test his ability to push the limits of what is humanly possible up in the air. He will long be remembered for the project “A Door in the Sky” - that astoundingly graceful command of the air above us. It was a great joy for him and for all of us. This was just one of the many disciplines in which this Annecy native excelled with exemplary conscientiousness: wingsuit flying.
High-altitude manoeuvres above Mont Blanc
High-altitude manoeuvres above Mont Blanc
With Fred Fugen, his long-time flying partner and the other half of the most incredible flying duo - the Soul Flyers - Vince was a never-ending source of inspiration and motivation in his spectacular adventures in the sky. He was a man of ever more innovative, ever more intense and awesome feats.
When on Earth, everyone he interacted with - be they action sports professionals or not - treasured his great modesty, his sense of rigour, his generosity and ever high spirits.
A portrait of Vincent Reffet of the Soul Flyers.
Vince Reffet
We are forever grateful for the many moments we shared. Our thoughts are with his wife Agnes, his family, Fred and his many other friends.