Portrait of Adonis the Greek
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Who are Adonis the Greek and Jermaine Elliott?

Get the lowdown on singer-songwriter Adonis the Greek, who appears in episode three of Season 2 of The Cut, in a collaboration with producer Jermaine Elliott.
Written by Astrid Carr
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Adonis The Greek

Adonis The Greek is a St. Louis native of British descent who moved from Missouri to Los Angeles, California to pursue his childhood dreams of stardom. He developed his rap skills after beginning his career as an entertainer and dancer. A unique transcending artist, fusing a nostalgic retro style R 'n' B with a raw bad boy Rock/Rap Sound, his debut EP, titled Athens, combined the smoothness of R 'n' B with a new hip-hop edge.
Adonis is most well-known for his independently charting singles U.N.I and the island jam Bourbon, as well as being featured on the T We$t single Dope. His most recent single, Dues, was accompanied by a cinematic visual in collaboration with director and writer Patrick Wilcox. The release allows Adonis to showcase his on-camera charisma alongside his contemporary R 'n' B sound and strong vocal abilities. Adonis is an enigma, cross blending sounds and styles with a keen sense of image and a unique artistic presence.
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Jermaine Elliott

Portrait of music producer Jermaine Elliott.

Jermaine Elliott

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Whether it's the smooth vocals that slide over soulful melodies that rivals today's Trap R 'n' B style of music, or the lyrical concepts that dive beyond the surface and into more substantial storytelling that can be both heard and felt with every track, it's clear that multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and producer Jermaine Elliott is a musical anomaly. He's bringing a fresh sound that R 'n' B lovers have been asking for.
Growing up, Jermaine would often sing in his high school talent shows, as well as perform with his dance crew, showcasing multifaceted abilities not too dissimilar to his muse, the legendary Michael Jackson.
In 2015, he began independently releasing a collection of singles on SoundCloud and YouTube, attracting a large fan base that's since catapulted his Jon Swaii to over two million streams. His talents have led to major collaborations with artists such as H.E.R, Tory Lanez and DaniLeigh, and to the stages of music festivals including SXSW 2017. Gaining plays across the airwaves, Jermaine is a perfectionist who studies his craft, spending all his waking hours in the studio defining and refining his sound.
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