3 quick hits from Zurich with Henrique Goncalves!

© Alan Maag
Written by Niall Neeson
Hooked up and having it, Henrique has the best of both worlds in this Curtain Call from Switzerland.
Skateboarding · 1 min
3 quick hits from Zurich with Henrique Goncalves!
Long-known within Switzerland as a major mover in the skating world, Henrique Goncalves brought a touch of his Brazilian roots to two video parts which helped establish his name in the wider world of European skateboarding. His debut international section co-promoted by sponsors ColourGroup and Emerica demonstrated some wild tenacity on the streets of Switzerland and Spain, and the shared Japanese tour video with The Warriors on Benjamin Deberdt’s fine Live Skateboard Media which showed his adaptability to new terrain, always the mark of a true street rat.
Also one of the main riders on the Reell Jeans roster, Henrique has some recession-proof backing justified by his talent on the board. By way of example, we bring you his Curtain Call from the streets of Switzerland in our ongoing mission to shine a light on the underground talents of skateboarding all around this big old world.
Enjoy his powerhouse skate moves, and add a new name to your list of down-low ripping favourites!