Double trouble! These Top Athletes Get Chased Down in Dubai’s DIFC

Double Trouble! These Top Athletes Get Chased Down in Dubai’s DIFC

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Are Madars Apse and Courage Adams up to no good? Watch as they turn one of Dubai's most thriving hotspots into an empty playground … only there’s a security guard trying to ruin all the fun for them.
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Take one of the most dynamic cities in the world.
A film crew.
And a plot centred around one of the world’s extraordinaire skateboarders and a revered BMX Street rider being hunted down in a “Mission Impossible”-style chase sequence.
That’s what goes down in an exclusive new video featuring Madars Apse and Courage Adams as they turned one of Dubai's most thriving hotspots into an empty playground for an action-packed clip showcasing the best of their athletic ability.
Latvian skateboarder Madars – who says he has been “surgically attached” to his skateboard since 2001 – tells us the video showcases him and Courage trying to meet up within Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), but being chased down by a security guard as the pair perform high-octane stunts to evade him.
BMX · 3 min
The Lunch Break
The three-minute video depicts the dynamic duo using their respective two-wheels to jump off buildings, slide down staircases and and whizz through DIFC’s iconic buildings. Talk about high energy!
Madars, arguably the hottest property in street skating today, describes his experience of Dubai as "absolutely amazing".
"The hospitality was at an all-time max,” says the 31-year-old Ventspils native. “The highlight was to film in the DIFC - it was such a cool place.”
With skateboarding and biking normally prohibited, the downtown Dubai hotspot was vacated so Madars and Courage could perform their hair-raising stunts.
“It was so cool to get a permit to skate there,” says Madars. "It was amazing to participate in a project with a BMXer, because I have never participated in such a thing and never seen anyone else do a BMX/skateboard video.
"And it was awesome to have a security guard in the crew who was in the video - acting like a ’Terminator’-type character chasing us.”
In a 12-hour shoot, Madars says a particular thrill was skateboarding against the backdrop of some of Dubai's iconic skyline.
"The DIFC area is beautiful; there are a lot of insane skyscrapers and a lot of good skate spots. It was truly amazing.”
He continues: “It was cool to film; the crew was amazing, as were the producers and the film crew. We took a whole day until sunset to film but honestly I could have done another day.”


Spanish BMXer Courage, 26, says his experience was "really really awesome”.
“It was my first time in the country, and the esthetic of the city is beautiful,” he exclaims. “The project was cool; the places we went to, the spots we filmed at… the whole thing was really cool. The concept of the video was really funny. And I think people are really going to enjoy it."
The emirate has left such a lasting impact that both athletes plan to return to Dubai in 2021.
Madars, who went to the top of the Burj Khalifa and experienced an authentic overnight desert stay complete dancing and dune-bashing during his initial stay, says there is plenty more he wants to see when he returns in the new year.
“My experience in Dubai was absolutely amazing. The hospitality was at an all-time max. I am very much looking forward to going back in 2021 - that is the plan."
As for Courage - who started riding at the age of 12 and ever since then has known that his “world would revolve around two wheels” - he also hopes to return.
“A big thanks to Red Bull for coming up with this project - I think the video is going to be awesome and people will love it.
“I learned a lot from the city and from the trip. Definitely I am going back!"