Abudi Alsagoff on his road to recovery
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Interview: Abudi Alsagoff on his road to recovery

Interview: Abudi Alsagoff on his road to recovery
Written by Rachel McArthur UAE
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A devastating injury may have forced the renowned freerunner to take some time out. But Abudi Alsagoff is determined to be back in action very soon.
For any athlete, their body is their number one tool. And an injury can lead to long periods of absence, or worst, retirement from the game altogether.
For parkour and Red Bull athlete Abudi Alsagoff, he found his flourishing career under threat after a devastating injury forced him into the operating theatre. It was last year, during an appearance in Jordan, that he had to undergo knee arthroscopy surgery to repair some tears.
Thankfully, the 25-year-old Malaysian – who works a lot out of Dubai – is healing up nicely and is slowly and surely on the road to recovery.
And he’s still determined as ever, judging by our cover photo above. Believe it or not, this was taken just recently – after his surgery.
“We found an amazing infinity pool and a great city landscape of Kuala Lumpur, so we thought it's a good idea for me to be still able to enjoy movements and not take any impacts at all with the landings,” Abudi explained. “And what’s the best way to do that? By jumping into a pool of course.”
Read on for the rest of our exclusive interview with the athlete.
We’re sorry to hear about your injury, Abudi! How did it happen?
I was in Jordan back in April 2016 for a workshop, and while we were training, I did a double full, and my knee gave in. I knew something was wrong immediately. So we went to do a checkup and found out that I had meniscal tears and almost completely torn my ACL ligament. It was a devastating injury and put me out for so long! Until today, almost a year later, I'm still not at my full power and potential. But I am on a training and rehab routine. Hopefully, I will be back in the game 100 per cent in no time.
Did it interfere with any projects you had already confirmed?
Oh yes, I had to cancel projects with Atlantis the Palm Jumeirah, and we were also supposed to do a video production of free running in Dubai. But besides that, it did not interfere with my premiere appearances for my TV Show URBEX and the media interviews I had to do.
What’s your rehabilitation routine been like?
Of course, the process of healing, as always, is resting up and let the body do its work. But the process of getting back in the game is a little more work than resting!
For my rehab routines I started off with swimming a few times a week; this was maybe 2-3 months’ post-op. Then when I had my knee flexibility again, and with doctor's approval, I started stationary cycling. Which helped me a lot in building muscle endurance. Then there are the body weight training, squats, stretching and foam rolling of course!
Obviously, rehab cannot be rushed. What have you been doing in the time usually taken up by training?
I was still doing social media influencing marketing, and a whole lot of media interviews and appearances. Especially at the time of the URBEX tv show being released... it was a good timing!
So looking ahead, are you train/practice differently?
Yes, for the time being. My focus is more on getting stronger and building my muscles back before going into tricks/moves progression! I want to be stronger so that the injury does not re-occur, ever. Hopefully.
What lessons have you learned from this process?
Injury is a part of sport, any sport you are into. But you should never give up! Thankfully with the right support from Red Bull, I am able to get back into the game.
I am starting to slowly practice again – low-impact actions mostly – and working to getting my flexibility back.
What's next for you?
Rehab in Dubai, then joining the performance centre program in Austria. I have an upcoming TV show again in the summer and excited to be a part of future freerunning events in the world.
Do you have any other goals for 2017?
Getting stronger and being able to train at my 100% is my current goal, and when that happens, I'd definitely love to be a part of events and start creating amazing content again! I want to at least do one video project with Red Bull later this year.
And looking to the years ahead, is there anything in particular you want to achieve?
Generally, I’d say more partnerships, to enable me to do more content creation and projects that I am really passionate about.