Jaffar & Motocross: An Athlete’s Life
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Jaffar & Motocross: An Athlete’s Life

Mohammed Jaffar reveals what being a motocross athlete means to him.
Written by Red Bull MEA
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You all already know how rigorous it is to be a full-time motocross racer. You’ve seen how easy it is to lose a place on the podium, and how long it takes to get there. But this here isn’t just about winning and losing, it is about the life of the athlete inside the sport. And we thought who else but Mohammed Jaffar to catch us up on the inside track of a motorbike athlete.
A racer for life, Mohammed Jaffar has proven that with longevity comes grace, and the thrill of the next big race is always just around the corner. Win or lose, give it everything you’ve got.
The Kuwaiti MX athlete has always been keeping it real with us, so we decided to ask a few introspective questions that dig deep into the life and career of a rider with over a decade of professional racing experience.
How sports changed his life
Mohammed Jaffar has assured us that sports have changed his life for the better. He wanted us to make an immediate note of that, and we did! Right off the bat, he’s been able to surround himself with a plethora of positivity. He also said we should always strive for more positivity, and hang out with likeminded people who come equipped with their own supply.
The people he’s met on his athletic journey may not have been possible without sports, without traveling and meeting cool motocross riders from across the globe, all trying to do the same thing and helping each other when it mattered most.
It’s changed his life and the life of his family, and he’s had a life filled with fun, spectacular people and a lifestyle that has suited him well. It’s been tops is what he’s saying, in a nutshell. We just gotta agree!
What it means to be a professional athlete
The best part of being an athlete? Well, Jaffar really appreciates the kindness of the fans and everyone else who continues to support him on his journey, it means the world to him.
But there’s more. Being an athlete has meant many obstacles and hurdles. The mental aspect of the sport just can’t be downplayed. It continues to play a part in the journey that Mohammed Jaffar has been on so far. And he’s been able to build his toughness, race after race. Every training day is another chance to improve his skills and his mental strength. And that has translated to his off the course life as well.
An athletic life built around friendships and responsibility
Of all the lessons that Mohammed Jaffar has learned, it's that the friendships made in the sport just last. And listening to those with more experience, especially when starting out as a rookie, comes in handy on the track. Over many years, he’s made a point to recognize how irreplaceable those relationships are with both mentors and peers, and how maintaining them has to take priority in his life.
And with the years of experience comes a larger sense of responsibility, not only to his family and fans, but his friends, sponsors, nation, and of course his team. The team works so hard to make sure everything goes right on race day, and he knows the weight of that only gets heavier by the year. But if it was easy and not difficult, Jaffar doesn’t think he’d want to keep doing it.
The best part about being an athlete rendered us the quickest answer from our motocross champ. He said there’s just nothing like being on the bike and riding. No other experience gets close to that.
And to everyone out there following Jaffar just remember he’s going strong and has many upcoming plans for the future, like returning to the Dakar Rally, and building up his Moto School.
This journey isn’t over for Jaffar, this is just his story so far. Ride on!