Kuwait Streamers to Watch Now
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Kuwait Streamers to Watch Now

A sweet segment loaded with local streamers that cover the gaming gamut in your area.
Written by Red Bull MEA
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When we are in between games, or over our lunch break, we like to take in a good quality gaming stream. For that, you need streamers that know what they are on about. There’s plenty out there to suit every taste and personality, but have you been sleeping on your local streamers? Are you only following worldwide content creators? You don’t have to because we’ve got the skinny on several that have what you need.
Don’t miss a stream with our look at the gamers we are watching right now. And yeah, we’ve included all the info so you can just drop in with ease.
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Gentle and chill sums up M.A.O. in a nutshell. He plays almost exclusively with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile), taking new and seasoned players through the ropes, and answering questions sent via the live chat. And he’s good.
Because of his experience, he was one of the casters for Kuwait’s Red Bull MEO in 2020.
Hope in and hop out of his stream without pressure, because M.A.O. is the kind of gamer that doesn’t yell, and just brings the expertise with a cool swagger we enjoy.
Did we mention he rocks a perfect ‘stache? We only wish we could sport it and still be as cool as him. Stay fresh!
Find M.A.O. on Instagram and YouTube.
Deli Gaming
Tight scripts and high production values are what this local streamer is all about. He’s the guy you go to for more than just the gaming stream, but for in depth breakdowns of all the techie news he’s into. Chances are, you are too.
We particularly like watching his ongoing Top 10 series, where he picks a topic (like games banned around the world) and gives us everything we might want to know about it. He also does unboxing videos, knowing full well we’ve all had our fair share of them.
What brings us back time and time again is that each video is well-researched, and he knows his audience. He’s honest with us, and just an all-round nice guy.
He’s even made his own gaming documentaries, and they are super intriguing, and fun to watch. And if you are looking for tourneys to join, check out his Instagram account for updates.
He also streamed Kuwait’s final of Red Bull Campus Clutch.
Yeah, he covers everything. We’re into it.
Find Deli Gaming on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
When you just want to know what’s happening in the land of local gaming, all you need is Infin8force. They operate from the comfort of their Instagram, notifying players and viewers alike of what tournaments are going on, so you can go register or check out the matches for yourself.
It’s the simplest way to get the news you want. Just set that notification button on, and you’ll know what’s going on, when, and of course, where.
They will respect your time so you can carry on gaming. Now go out and follow them.
Find Infin8force on Instagram.
Al Hub
The motley crew of nerdy, well-informed gamers that is the team of Al Hub follows several major formats for content creation. Really, these guys are the best at what they do.
A good gaming collective, like any other group, needs to have the chemistry to carry their conversations, and the creativity to keep the channel on the pulse of what’s hot. Add likeability and you’ve got the winning recipe. This is what Al Hub brings to the table, time and time again.
We always come back to the gaming panel #AlHubTalk, which covers all the relevant news of the day in a comfortable discussion style TV show. Over 80 episodes have already aired! That’s a lot of screen time.
It’s safe to say that Al Hub have a content library that’ll keep you glued for a while.
And if you’re the person who likes to read their gaming, they’ve got a website just for that. Check them out via the links below as soon as you get the chance.
Find Al Hub on their dedicated website and YouTube.