League of Legends: Wild Rift is Here!

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Riot did what seemed impossible. League of Legends can now be played on smartphone under a new name “Wild Rift”. But what are the differences between LOL and Wild Rift?
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League of Legends: Wild Rift A new chapter for Riot Games. The aim of this movement was to enable electronic sports to be played on the go and everywhere. Indeed, the new LOL mini game looks somewhat similar to the PC version. We asked the expert in League of Legends, the top laner of Nasr Esports team, Mohammad Aladham for his opinion of the new game, and here are the details:
Mohammad Aladham from Nasr Esports
Mohammad Aladham from Nasr Esports

Significantly faster

Wild Rift tries to deliver the full League of Legends experience in the most compatible framework for mobile devices. This means very fast games that usually last between 10 and 20 minutes. To achieve this, there is no time for the Invades, the Minions Respawn instantly and Ultimate is already available from Level 5.

Welcome to Wild Rift

At first glance, Summoner's Rift and the Wild Rift mobile version look relatively similar, but there are fundamental differences between them. In order to achieve the required shorter playing time, the map has been shrunk. Additionally, some structures such as Inhibitors have been dispensed, and interconnected turrets and cavities are no longer available. Instead, the Super Minions now appear after the last tower has fallen into the respective lane and the Nexus is now equipped with a defensive mechanism.
Wild Rift Map
Wild Rift Map
At first it seems unusual for the red side view to be inverted, this reflection is very important for controlling and displaying on a mobile device, otherwise the buttons and thus the thumb would be in the way. Additionally, this mapping ensures basically the same relationships between teams, which just doesn't happen on a computer version.

Heroes in a new splendor

Additionally, many of the heroes have been tweaked slightly to make them mobile friendly. Mechanically demanding characters like Lee Sin can perform iconic moves after a relatively short training period, such as kicking opponents into joining his team. Even the Safeguard in the Wild Rift allows you to hop anywhere - not just to allies or wards. Such mods go through the entire game. Active Ingredients have also been added to the passive skills known from League of Legends.
Wild Rift Champions
Wild Rift Champions

Some adjustments that will make your life easier

There are loads of Loot available, which will help you get your favorite heroes in a faster time, as well as many Skins for free!
The aim system is very good, especially for new players, as constant clicking on the screen is sufficient for automatic aiming and getting the knockout, but when you rise in the level you will be forced to learn to shoot yourself because your opponent has developed his dodging feature.
You can start playing Ranked with a level 10 account, which you can easily achieve after a few hours of playing.

Money in the bank

Gold generation has also changed in Wild Rift .... for the better! You will get a lot of it, even without the final blow. Item prices have also been adjusted compared to the PC version.
With significantly better tutorials and item sets, all of these components are also more beginner-friendly than League of Legends. Additionally, item combinations can also be completely individually customized outside of the game, saving you a lot of time with the shop in the game's fast pace.
Wild Rift is very successful in bringing the experience and excitement of LOL to the small screen. This is not least due to the successful control of the touch screen. Several clever changes make the mobile game easier and faster without losing the charm of the original form. The combination of (still) manageable heroes and items make entry even for beginners into the league possible while at the same time providing fun depth, as one would expect from a competitive game.