Meet Red Bull Jukebox’s first artist Aziz Maraka
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Meet Red Bull Jukebox’s First Artist Aziz Maraka

Get to know a little bit more about the first Jordanian artist participating in the first edition of Red Bull Jukebox.
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The one and only Aziz Maraka has been a part of our events for some time now, so it came as no surprise that we wanted to have the musically talented artist be onboard the first version of Red Bull Jukebox in the Middle East and in Jordan specifically.
We sat down with Maraka for a quick interview, asking him some interesting questions that gave us a deeper dive into who he is, what his past work looked like, and what plans he has for the future. Read through to get to know him more!
Aziz Maraka
Aziz Maraka
How did your career start?
I’ve always had love for music. As a kid I would sing the words of my text books instead of just reading them out loud. My parents always had instruments around like keyboards and toy pianos and that always called out for me. From then on, I started playing the keyboard by ear, and at the age of 12, I started learning music properly. I earned a scholarship from the University of Arkansas, where I pursued a bachelor’s degree in music composition. Once I came back, I did what I was always meant to do, and that varied between producing, organizing events, booking bands, and singing. And soon enough, my singing career took off.
What did you do before becoming an artist?
Absolutely nothing. I’ve always been a musician at heart, even though at times, my doubts and fears slowed me down a bit. I thought of studying business and following a certain path that society approves of. But I didn’t, and I stuck to music, with the encouragement of my parents. My dad jokingly had the belief that I would be the worst employee if I did anything other than become a musician. Both he and my mother pushed me and kept me on my journey towards my passion.
What inspires you to write music? Name some of your inspirations.
I listen to all sorts of music. Classical music, for example, makes me feel enriched. Usually I’m motivated when I feel I have the words that can be spoken on behalf of society, when I feel like I can be that advocate in a song. I write the song so quickly when that inspiration comes.
Any hidden talents that we may not know of?
Aside from playing multiple instruments, writing music, and singing, a hidden talent that I have and decided not to keep in the dark anymore, especially after the COVID lockdown, is that I’m actually an impressive CS:GO gamer. It’s my little reward, and I can spend up to 3 hours playing; it’s a good stress relief.
Favorite dish?
I love food! But if I had to pick a favorite it would be grilled fish, specifically sea bass, and I love Mediterranean seafood a lot.
How would you describe your first collaboration in Red Bull Jukebox?
It’s interesting. The band and I needed to feel challenged lately. So with Red Bull Jukebox, I’m loving the challenge and can’t wait to be on that stage.
Are you nervous from Red Bull Jukebox? Why?
Not really. As I said, I love the challenge and as a musician and a producer, rearranging music is part of what I do, so it’s exciting for me.
Name your top 3 favorite songs!
Addi Ya 3’aim, Meen Gallek, and Mafi Mennek
Meet Red Bull Jukebox’s first artist Aziz Maraka
Meet Red Bull Jukebox’s first artist Aziz Maraka
How do you feel taking the stage with A5rass?
I’m super excited to take the stage with him! I’m very interested in how this is going to turn out. A5rass and I target separate audiences and I think this is one of those rare times when two Jordanian artists perform for two very different mass audiences.
There might be a collaboration between me and him on stage, but you didn’t hear it from me.
A5rass and Aziz Maraka
A5rass and Aziz Maraka
Please use one word to describe the below:
Your music: escape
Red Bull Jukebox: fun
What advice would you give to people scared of following their dreams?
At the end of the line, you’ll only regret the things you haven’t done.
What advice would you give your younger self?
Chill, because what was happening around me looked too serious and scary for what they really were. Now, I learned that any time I’m challenged or the world stands against me, it’s just temporary and one day it’ll be so far in the past, I won’t even remember it.
If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?
I’m not sure. I think I would be wandering around aimlessly, doing nothing except thinking, “Why am I not doing music?”
One message to your fans.
I love you guys, and I can’t wait to finally see you again in concert outside of the digital world!
Meet Red Bull Jukebox’s first artist Aziz Maraka
Meet Red Bull Jukebox’s first artist Aziz Maraka
Now that you got a closer look at who the amazing Aziz Maraka is, we know you’re as excited for Red Bull Jukebox as we are! See you on the 1st of July at Dunes Club, where we can’t wait to party with you and our partners Zain Jordan, INGOT Brokers, Jordan Ahli Bank, MG Motor Jordan, Royal Jordanian, Roya Music, Radio Bliss 104.3, and Radio Hala!
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