Ms Dossary’s Game On Kuwait Results
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Ms Dossary’s Game On Kuwait Results

The complete post-tournament breakdown for the esports football tournament is here!
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Pro football video games are the most played, and most popular video games in the world. Hey, you’ll get no argument from us. After all, football is actually the planet’s favorite sport, bar none. We’ve all spent many weekends kicking back with a friend or two playing football games on our Playstation or Xbox, probably going back all the way to the first generation of those home consoles. And that’s why MS Dossary’s Game On Kuwait got us hyped.
MS Dossary’s Game On Kuwait is the brainchild of no other than pro esports football gamer MS Dossary, and the unique aspect of the ruleset is that teams consisting of two players tag each other in and out when certain conditions are met in game. Only one member of the team is actually playing at any time.
And MS Dossary’s Game On Kuwait just wrapped up at Marina Crescent, so let’s get into the entire event, from the playoffs round, all the way to the final match. And while MS Dossary really wanted to be there, he couldn’t make it because he had a championship to attend. He did of course record a video wishing all the teams good luck on their tourney run!
The Playoffs Round
The opening round saw 16 ready teams go head to head in 8 matches. All matches were one and done, following a playoff format. The first match of the tournament was Uchiha VS D2WN, and it went down well for D2WN, who won by 2-1 to move forward in the tournament.
The second match of the day was our only forfeit of the tournament. Team Force were a no-show, and that allowed the Milan team to cruise into the quarter-finals without even picking up a controller. We told you guys that this was a real possibility.
Next we had N.O.I.S. edge by Gunners 2-1, and M.O.H.D. beat Tornado 2-0.
In game 5, Al-Hashemi advanced, winning their opening match 2-1 against team 4A. Team Kayedhoum did the same, winning 4-1 over United. But the R9 Team were not so fortunate, losing 0-1 to Joker 23 in the playoffs.
The eighth and final playoff match had Gullit squeak by 1-0 over Jawi.
On to the quarter-finals!
The Quarter-finals
Quarter-finals first game was D2WN against Milan. This went down 3-1 in favor of D2WN. Might have been at a slight disadvantage for Milan since it was their first match.
Continuing we saw N.O.I.S. lose 1-3 to M.O.H.D. and, in the third quarter-final game Al-Hashemi came up short 1-3 in their matchup against Team Kayedhoum.
Last but not least, Joker 23 won 3-0 against Gullit. And that was the quarter-finals roundup.
The Semi-finals & Third Place
With but a handful of teams remaining, let’s see how it panned out. The semi-finals were all tough matches, and the first saw D2WN come out on top 2-1 over the high scoring M.O.H.D. team, who gave it their all.
Closing out the semi-finals was another close match, but Team Kayedhoum outscored Joker 23, and the game ended 3-2.
Third place came right before the finals, and M.O.H.D. won a good game 3-2 against Joker 23 to take third in the tournament rankings.
The Finals
The last teams standing were D2WN and Team Kayedhoum. Both teams, just by the rules, were holding on to perfect records in the tournament. But only one could be the champ, and in a tight match that had five total goals, Team Kayedhoum scraped a winning finish with a score of 3-2!
And one last fun fact for all you readers out there, Team Kayedhoum are IRL brothers! We didn’t see that one coming, but we will take a guess and say they practice together frequently.