Multiplayer Video Games for the Long Weekend

Multiplayer Video Games for the Long Weekend

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Gather around and share the game with your pals because it is always better when you play together.
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We’ve got ourselves a long weekend in Kuwait on the horizon, and that means we finally have some more time on our hands to game with friends. But really, you should always want to play with others. We digress.
So for now, put the single-player adventure on ice for a few days and get in some games with your buds.
And just in case you all can’t decide what to play together, we’ve set you up with several great options that should keep you going round after round.
Among Us
Going from a cult game to worldwide must-play-together party game really is a testament to the fun-factor this whodunnit has etched into its DNA. In every multiplayer game scenario, players will be given tasks to complete and your camera only keeps focus on your part. What’s happening in the other room? Why am I so paranoid? Too many questions and not enough time!
Trust no one, find the saboteur among us and try to survive if you can.
Sea of Thieves
It’s a pirate’s life for you and your friends in this first-person adventure where to swashbuckle is life, and life is currently very good. That’s unless you’re capsized by a ghost ship populated by dozens of skeletons. If the ship goes down, you know what you need to do. Play again!
You’ll set a course with your friends through its excellent online. Just send an invite, it is that easy. The other thing that’s special about the game is that it never directs you in any way at all. You do what you want to do at any moment. We like it when a game doesn’t hold our hand, but this one really gives you the freedom to live your own pirate career at all times.
Call of Duty: Warzone
Epic ongoing battles, skill-based attacks and team play is what has continued to keep Call Of Duty on the gaming map for all these years. Set your loadout and be sure to help a friend get the opposing team off their back. This is one game that we just have to go for at least one more round.
FPS games are generally just better when you scramble the battlefield with people you know, trying to get the upper hand, and making that game-winning split-second decision that puts you over the top.
We are ready to go again.
Overcooked 2
We’ll be honest and tell you the premise of Overcooked didn’t wow us until we played it, and that’s how we got hooked. You’ll need to chef your way to victory, in a race against the clock as you churn out meal after meal. Just remember, it can all go south in a jiffy.
And if that’s not your cup of tea, have you ever had to do all the above on a swaying boat or with lava around you or even an earthquake?
So many of the stages you’ll play on are dynamic, meaning they will change and mess up your starting strategy. You’re going to freak out in the funniest fashion because there is no other way.
This game is bonkers, and you’ll enjoy every minute of multiplayer it has to offer.
Killer Queen Black
Actual IRL arcade phenomenon Killer Queen has finally made it over to the realm of online gaming, but the wait was worth it. Super simple to learn the rules and play, but way hard to master, this is the perfect game to play through the whole weekend afternoon.
This 8-player game pits 2 teams against each other with the goal of either killing the opposing queen (military victory), collecting enough berries and packing them away (economic victory), or by riding a snail from one side of the screen to the other (snail victory, clearly).
But it’s all about strategy and knowing how to counter your opponent within each match. And the gameplay is furious.
Just think of it like this: now you get to yell at your teammates over a mic instead of standing right there beside them. It works just as well in either case. Get the queen!