Need For Speed Heat Unveils A Surprise New Ride

Need For Speed Heat Unveils A Surprise New Ride

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Abdo Feghali’s Drifting Car Makes Its Gaming Debut
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The latest game in the enduring street racing series Need for Speed landed on game shop shelves, doormats, and online stores back in November 8, 2019. The new edition “Heat” returns players to the mean streets of Palm City — inspired by Miami. By day, you’ll be a street racer involved in officially sanctioned events to earn cash, but by night you’ll be going against the law to build up your reputation.
In the last update of the game, we have witnessed the reveal of a surprise car with a particular familiar design! It’s non-other than Abdo Feghali’s signature Nissan 370z, a prominent fixture in the Red Bull Car Park Drift worldwide series, used by the drift champion himself to perform a test-run of all the Red Bull Car Park Drift tracks and obstacles prior to the competing drifters taking on the challenge.
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Abdo Feghali Announcement
EA Games have collaborated with Red Bull to bring this iconic drifting car into the gaming World, in order to have fans experience the thrill of leaving some serious tire marks throughout the map of Palm city.
You can unlock and drive the Red Bull Car Park Drift unique DLC by redeeming a code through:
The game also supports a multiplayer mode that allows you to join with up to 15 other players to make a crew. You’ll be able to see members of your crew whenever you’re in multiplayer mode and join in with their events.
Need for Speed Heat is available now on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One