Omeir Saeed: “My Days Don’t Change Much, but My Training Times Do.”
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Omeir Saeed: “My Days Don’t Change Much, but My Training Times Do.”

Fasting is no excuse to let that dedication slip… the Emirati champion wakeboarder reveals the tweaks he makes to his routine during the holy month of Ramadan to maintain his level
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Omeir Saeed might be making waves around the world as a renowned wakeboarder, but when he’s not notching up records for his high-octane stunts he’s at his happiest sitting by the sea and watching – rather than riding – the waves.
The Emirati athlete – who first chanced his arm at cable wakeboarding in 2011 and is now a two-time Guinness World Record holder and a familiar face on the international sporting circuit – says his perfect day is being by the sea in his home city of Abu Dhabi and relaxing with family and friends.
"My dream day would involve spending the day under the sun and in swim shorts,” says the 23-year-old. "I feel at peace whenever I am by the waters, so a day at the beach sounds perfect right now!”
As with any other champion athlete, Saeed often has fitness at the forefront of his mind away from his wakeboard.
"I do not always have the time to wakeboard and visit the cable however, my week usually revolves around some sort of physical activity.
An average day will see him rise early – often at sunrise – and do a light workout before work, and then, if not wakeboarding, he will spend his evenings focusing on another hobby: paddle tennis.
“Waking up bright and early is key for me - it is a great way to start the day. Aways from the gym, I love playing paddle tennis as I find it is a great way to relax and unwind and spend time with friends,” he continues.
With eight brothers and sisters, Saeed says that he will often spend his spare time catching up with family, and watching TV shows and movies with friends. During the holy month of Ramadan, family and friends become an even more important part of Saeed’s life.
“Ramadan is a month I look forward to every year,” he says. “My days don’t change much during the holy month, but my training times do.
“I start my day by going to work, then spend the rest of my afternoon with my family.”
Saeed makes it a habit to workout right before he breaks his fast at iftar.
“I then head to the mosque for prayer. I later meet up with my friends for a night session at the cable park or for other fun fitness activities."
Other hobbies that Saeed is into include travel and culture, with wakeboarding allowing him to visit countries across the world and immerse himself in new environments.
But like any athlete at the top of his game, discipline is key. Saeed’s dedication is evident in his most recent achievements, having bagged himself two Guinness World Records, coinciding with the 16th annual Guinness World Records Day on 18 November 2020: Furthest Wakeboard Ramp Jump (Male) and Most Wakeboard Rail Airs (Supermans) in 30 Seconds. Making his historic accomplishments all the more special was the fact that both records were broken in his home city.
This topped off an historic year which saw Saeed winning gold at three UAE wakeboard championships.
Post Ramadan, Saeed wants to continue notching up more records and prizes... just after that Eid Al-Fitr day on the beach.