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‘I took a leap of faith’: Meet rap's comeback queen pineappleCITI

2019 was pineappleCITI’s comeback year, with the US rapper releasing her first single with Red Bull Records, Recognize, three years after a near-fatal car crash.
Written by Ian Chadband & Ben Sullivan
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It’s been three years since rapper pineappleCITI’s career was brought to a devastating halt following a near-fatal car crash.
Left unable to walk for nearly two years, the accident would have crushed the spirit and dreams of many of us.
Instead – nursing major injuries to her legs, neck and ribs – pineappleCITI fought tooth and nail through a rehabilitation programme to come back swinging.
To say it’s paid off is an understatement.
She says:“Four surgeries and a lot of f*** ups later, who knew me and Fre$h would make three albums, I’d end up on Billboard, make music with Kelly Rowland and eventually sign to Red Bull Records.
I’m not special, I just took a leap of faith
A photo of New Jersey rapper PineappleCITI.
Red Bull Records signing pineappleCITI
Real name Brittany Dickinson, the tale of the Newark musician who gambled it all on quitting her job as a daycare teacher to chase creativity really is special.
And 2019 has been her comeback year, culminating with the release of her first single with Red Bull Records, Recognize, which showcases her talents as both rapper and singer while sharing her inspirational story with fans.
When I got in the car crash, that’s when my positivity went to another level because I had to force myself to keep going
Recognize is for anybody with a dream. No matter how many times you hear 'no' it only takes one 'yes'. Believe in your dreams.
A photo of new Red Bull Records signing PineappleCITI.
pineappleCITI brings the sunshine
“I’ve been doing this since I was six years old and have gone through various trials and tribulations, as most people have to get where they’re at. At this point, with me signing with a new label and everything else I’m doing, it’s time to recognise me, you know what I'm saying?
“I know that music is my avenue to get in, but I want to inspire the world as much as I can.”
pineappleCITI, we’re ready for 2020.