Q&A With Kuwait Athletes on Upcoming National Days
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Q&A With Kuwait Athletes on Upcoming National Days

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The skinny on how your local heroes spend their time over the National Day long weekend.
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The National Day weekend in Kuwait is a perfect holiday for several reasons, but this story is about your champs. We sat down with major Kuwaiti athletes Mohammed Jaffar and Fahad Musallam to find out firsthand what they do to celebrate the occasion, and how they do it.
Mohammed Jaffar: Motocross multi-champion, founder of the Kuwait-based Moto School.
Fahad Al Musallam: Decorated quad champion several times over, top rally raider.
What do you look forward to the most on National Day?
Jaffar: National Day is a special time of year where I just hunker down and spend some quality time with my wife and children. My work usually has me traveling several times per year, so National Day I’ll make sure we get to do things together. I try to take every opportunity I can get to be with them.
Al Musallam: I look forward to seeing Kuwaiti citizens enjoying their time, going out, and sharing the positive energy with each other. It’s always a great time of the year, and the creativity with the dress and car decals is always on point.
Stay in the City or head to the chalet?
Jaffar: I don’t know what the other Kuwaiti athletes said, but I’m going to break off into my own little thing here and say I’d choose neither. I’d skip the chalet, keep driving and head out to my campsite. I mean, that’s where my bike is, and it’s my go-to place.
Al Musallam: Hmm, this is a tough one (not really), I’d flyyyy to the chalet if I could! For this holiday celebration, the weather is just right to hit the chalet. Having said that, I am also a huge fan of going camping. Did anyone else say that?
What’s your must-eat National Day meal?
Before we get into this we are going to break down what machboos is for our international audience. Machboos is essentially the Kuwaiti national dish. It is an incredibly mouth-watering and flavorful meal comprised of seasoned rice with meat and veg. It’s so delish. If you haven’t done so yet, do try it as soon as you can.
Jaffar: Machboos Laham (mutton) is my go-to. What’s great is that every home in Kuwait has their own special recipe, and I’m always up for a good home-cooked meal. Of course, National Day just makes this dish more special.
Al Musallam: Machboos with chicken. And it must include a very hot ma’booch (spicy Kuwaiti-style salsa), salad, yogurt, and a cold can of Red Bull to top it all off. That’s the way I do it.


Do you hit the beach, or go camping?
Jaffar: Camping!
Al Musallam: Beach and camping, I just can’t choose! Gotta go with both.
Take a ride in the quad, or jet ski?
Jaffar: Quad. Why wasn’t the dirt bike an option? Just kidding, I love quads too.
Fahad: Quad over jet ski for sure. But I still enjoy jet skis as well. So maybe both then.
Do the workout, or skip it this one time?
Jaffar: Skip it! It’s National Day weekend so a day off is nice for me.
Al Musallam: Evening workout once the sun goes down.
Dress up in a dishdasha, or casual clothes?
Jaffar: Casual clothes this time.
Al Musallam: Dishdasha for sure, much more comfortable.
Go chill at the Diwaniya, or cruise with friends?
And again a little clarification for our international audience. A diwaniya is a traditional Kuwaiti gathering hall that keeps its doors open to extended family, or for friends. People swing by to say hi, catch up, hang out and basically just get together. They are found all over the country.
Jaffar: Diwaniya.
Al Musallam: Diwaniya and just chill. Maybe go out for dinner for a change right after.