Red Bull Bar Bahr Is Back!
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Red Bull Bar Bahr Is Back!

Kuwait’s premier land and sea race returns this year, combining the best of both worlds for an unforgettable major event
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That’s right people, Red Bull Bar Bahr is absolutely coming back to Kuwait in 2021! And if the previous years were anything to go by, this competition is going to be fast, frantic, and will keep you on the edge of your seat from starting line to finishing splash in the Gulf sea.
It’s been a minute since the last Red Bull Bar Bahr, which took place in 2016, but we are sure that this one is going to have everything and more that you’ve all been waiting for. So let’s get to the race, the format, and what you can expect to find when you see it for yourself, real soon!
The undeniably Kuwaiti hybrid land and sea relay race that is Red Bull Bar Bahr just sings to us. Red Bull Bar Bahr, first and foremost, was invented in Kuwait, and that’s no surprise as it is a perfect mashup of a couple of the most popular sports that literally everyone takes part in, whenever the weather permits.
Alrighty, so what’s this race all about. We were just getting there. The main aspect of the race is that it is split into two halves. The first or starting portion is the land race. For this, only quads can be used. The second half is the jet ski race, and jet ski racers can begin this part as soon as the quad leg is complete for their team. Oh yeah, this is a team-based race.
Teams must consist of two racers, one for each discipline. What this means for us is we end up seeing two master athletes, each of whom is a champion in their sport, team up together. This, by the way, literally almost never happens. It’s essentially a dream team!
The race goes like this: The quad racers begin at the starting line and off their bikes, while the jet ski riders wait on the shore with their jet ski close by. Once the race starts, the quad athletes run and mount their bikes, and take off!
From there it is a madcap race through the expertly designed, closed-course circuit for all quad racers. Once the course is completed, the drivers will find themselves right on the shore, where they have to then pass on the keys to their partner's jet ski (see what we did there?) so that they can then get in the water, hop on, start their engines, and get through the aquatic course in the best time possible. There are no redos in this tournament.
Both courses are built to test the full skill set of the teams. They include straight shot speeding lines, and difficult tight turns. A mastery of control, cool nerves, and a highly technical familiarity of the machines is the only way to do well in Red Bull Bar Bahr.
From a large starting pool of teams the best of each race will qualify for the next round, until only one team remains to take the title of Red Bull Bar Bahr Champions 2021.
Red Bull Bar Bahr is going to be held at Al Khiran on December 3, 2021.
Teams that wish to register can do so immediately, over at the Red Bull Bar Bahr Official page, right here! Just get your team together and you are good to go.
Keep in mind that spectators can enter for free on the day of the tournament. So there is no need to worry about purchasing tickets, signing up, or anything else. Just show up with your good vibes, and cheer on your favorites, or do like we do and just become an omni-fan. Hey, it’s about having fun, after all.
See you there, and feel free to come in beach gear!