Red Bull Car Park Drift Returns for a Special (Socially Distanced) Edition

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Featuring 40 drivers at a special venue in Dubai Festival City, the 13th year of the competition is here, featuring a special appearance by none other than drift legend, Abdo Feghali
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As the United Arab Emirates proceeds with slowly and safely hosting more events in the country, Red Bull MEA is finally back with its first live event of the season! The world-renowned motorsports tournament, Red Bull Car Park Drift returns to Dubai this month for a very special (socially distanced) 2020 edition.
All the right precautions have been taken, and the crews and drivers involved are all following strict guidelines, in line with government directives, in order to participate in this unique occasion.


Where? Dubai Festival City – South Side Parking
When? Friday 13 November 2020 (#funfact: It’s also the 13th year of the competition!)
What time? 3pm to 5.30pm
While the event will host a limited audience at the venue (all of whom have also been following the required precautions in order to attend), Red Bull Car Park Drift will be streamed LIVE on Red Bull Motorsports’ Facebook page on the day.
A total of 40 drivers will be taking part in Red Bull Car Park Drift 2020 – some of whom are making their Car Park Drift debut – with only 16 making it to the FINAL also happening on the same day.
And a special guest will be flying in for the occasion; judging this year’s competition is none other than legendary drifter and Guinness World Record holder, Abdo Feghali – who will no doubt also treat fans to a show of his own. It’s going to be one for the books!


Dating back to the 1960s, drifting is said to have originated in Japan when a group of racers set out to beat their ‘A to B’ race times by exceeding the grip limit of their tyres when taking sharp corners. Obviously, it didn’t really help the racing times, but what started out as that turned into a different type of motorsport – and drifting was born!


The first-ever event took place in Beirut, Lebanon in 2008 at City Mall’s car park, with Michel Feghali crowned the competition’s very first King of Drift.
The second event’s winner was Garo Haroutiounian, and then in 2010, Red Bull Car Park Drift was expanded into a regional competition series, with 15 qualifiers in ten countries. The finale was held at Forum de Beyrouth with Lebanese drifter Feras Khaddaj taking the title.


Drifters must expertly make their way round a challenging course, avoiding obstacles along the way. Each competitor is judged according to a set of nine criteria for a total of 400 points.
A maximum of 120 points is allocated towards drifting skills, while the flipper and pendulum challenges account for up to 60 and 50 points, respectively. Meanwhile, the car’s looks and design make up 40 points, whereas tyre smoke, car sound, the gate and spiral tasks each contribute a maximum of 20 points towards the score. The final ‘Box’ – a tight enclosure the drifters need to do a ‘doughnut’ in – is worth 50 points.
Drifters lose points if they hit obstacles, drift the wrong way, or spin their car. Three penalties in one round, and it’s disqualification!
Visit redbullcarparkdrift.com to keep up-to-date with the competition’s latest news, features and interviews. *Due to the pandemic and lockdown measures in most countries, the 2020 Red Bull Car Park Drift series resumed events as of August 2020 and will extend the series until October 2021. Event dates in each country are updated once approved by local authorities.