Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five Has Their New Kuwait Champs!
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Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five Has Their New Kuwait Champs!

Two national teams from all participating countries are heading to Qatar! It is going to be bonkers at the World Finals.
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The world’s biggest five-a-side ended in amazing fashion, and that means we’ve got news on which team is off to Qatar! But before we get started, let’s talk about what makes the Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five World Final extra special this year and oh yes, the dates are set. The Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five World Finals is going to go down on May 24, 2022. We can’t even tell you how ready we are!
Neymar Jr himself has dubbed this year the dawn of the Super Final! Two country champs from qualifiers that spanned two years will play in the first ever tournament of its kind. Nothing will be as big as this! And this year, we’ve got a different championship team to share with you, so let’s tell you what happened. Right. Now!
You may or may not remember, but last year we had a Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five National Final that saw The Juniors reign victorious over their finals rival, team Al-Najjar, to the tune of 5-0. If you were there you surely know what we’re talking about. And then, well, we had to postpone the World Finals in Qatar. Say it ain't so! Well, things being what they were, we decided to bring back all of the country champs from last year and have them play in this year’s World Final! Also, can we just take a moment to consider what a genius team name The Juniors is? You gotta give it to them for that alone and well, Neymar Jr’s going to get a kick out of it when The Juniors hit the field in Qatar.
Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five Has Their New Kuwait Champs!
Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five Has Their New Kuwait Champs!
Now back to the 2022 tournament for your regular programming. This year the qualifiers were record smashing! We had 115 teams compete for a spot in the Kuwait Finals. It was a stacked number of game days where the matches went back-to-back. It almost seemed like the goals would never stop coming.
Setting up the big event we had Kuwaiti star Aziz Mashaan lead the charge early. The first Kuwaiti pro footballer to play in Europe spent his time warming up the teams and teaching the importance of keeping the body limber before game time. We appreciate Aziz hanging out and revealing his pro tips with us during the finals, a natural host!
Kuwait National Finals 2022: Team Jayenkom match up against team Ajaj. Both teams have been giving it their all throughout. There’s tension on the pitch. There’s sportsmanship. Shots on goal. Miss! Positions reset. Scrambling for the ball. Close passes, shots on goal. Score still at zero. Still no goals. All of a sudden, time’s up. The match ends. What happens next? Overtime rules, my friends.
The National Finals championship match came down to a single goal. Yes, one goal. Both teams in the championship match were unable to score, defense being what it was during the game, that we went to the special tie rule. This saw each team pick one player to go head-to-head in a one-on-one game. It was all or nothing.
Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five Has Their New Kuwait Champs!
Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five Has Their New Kuwait Champs!
Team Jayenkom’s designated player scores the championship goal! It’s over in a flash. GG to all. Qatar is next. Fun fact about Team Jayenkom is that this is their second Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five championship win. They’ve previously taken the title in 2019! Big ups to Team Jayenkom, they really had this championship in their sights this year.
115 teams played hard in the tournament. 12 teams qualified for the furious finals, and all deserved their positions. But it had to come down to one team, and this year, for the boss-flex three-peat, it was Team Jayenkom. Congrats to all and see them and The Juniors at the Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five World Final!
Special thanks to local partners over the course of the entire tournament Acqua Eva and Kuwait Times.