Red Bull Solo Q 2021 Kuwait Finals Breakdown!
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Red Bull Solo Q 2021 Kuwait Finals Breakdown!

The LoL esports event finale was fire, where the reigning champ and the underdog competed for the Kuwait title.
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The Red Bull Solo Q Finals came to a roaring finish in Kuwait, and they delivered exactly what the fans were waiting for. The two Grand Finals competitors, Omran “Alpha Kuronii” Fouad, and Hussam “LEBANON Flamer” Merachli, battled it out in an exhilarating end to the event which started with an original pool of 224 players.
The host with the most was Muhammed Salahelden Mohammed, or NewFolder for the IGN. He is a big league Egyptian gamer, and managed the matches from top to bottom. He was joined by LoL heavyweights from across the region with Soliman “Snow” Taha, the most famous LoL player in the region, and Omar “Thorned” Ibn Omar, another well-known Saudi gamer joining him in as casters.
The Finals analysts consisted of more gamers who know the game of Red Bull Solo Q (and everything related to LoL, period) inside-out. In the Finals NewFolder was joined by Hamza “Glyph” and Basel “Cut” Barakeh. Safe to say they didn’t miss a beat. Fun fact, this was the first time that NewFolder and Glyph were on screen together.
The Last Players Standing Tall
If you’re thinking the Final lineup in 2021 sounds very similar to the Final from last year, you’d be absolutely correct! In the previous Solo Q Final we saw the same gamers competing to be the best, and Alpha Kuronii was crowned champion.
The 2021 rematch had gamers buzzing, and ultimately saw LEBANON Flamer exact his revenge against Alpha Kuronii this time around. Both players came in swinging, and the match was so worthy of a Red Bull Solo Q National Final.
Skip the Ban, Go for the Win
The gutsy move that LEBANON Flamer put his trust behind was on skipping the ban on champion Kalista, knowing full well that Alpha Kuronii would prefer her. But here’s the catch: he knew the matchup well and wanted to go up against Alpha Kuronii’s Kalista. It worked out in his favor, and he was able to etch out a win this time.
LEBANON Flamer took the win with Caitlyn. He found his advantage state by destroying the ward early, and finished it by zoning out Alpha Kuronii with the swath of his level 2 minion wave.
Post-win Chat with the Solo Q 2021 Kuwait Champ
LEBANON Flamer was excited to breakdown his match reaction with us, and here’s the inside scoop of what was happening in his head over the course of the finals.
He felt like he messed up against Alpha Kuronii the last time and really wanted to score first place this time. LEBANON Flamer realised his big mistake last year was not properly learning the matchup, because he went into it not realizing that Alpha Kuronii played Irelia. He was determined not to go into this Finals the same way!
Besides knowing the matchup this time, and skipping the ban, he had his own plans on what to do had his own champions get removed from play.
Should the banhammer have come down on Caitlyn, he would have played Varus, and barring that he would have chosen Master Yi. As we can now see after his reveal, even his backup had a backup.
LEBANON Flamer moves on to the Solo Q World Finals, and he couldn’t be more excited for the matchups to come. We’re looking forward to what he does next!
Tune in December 3, 2021 for the start of the Red Bull Solo Q World Finals being held in Frankfurt, Germany.