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Rush it with the Ultimate Home Gym Primer

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We are here with your blueprint for a gym to suit any set up.
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Gym is life. And boy, don’t we know it. We caught up with BMX legend and fitness enthusiast Mansour Al Safran to give you a virtual hand to do something with that spare room. We’ve got all the equipment you’ll need and then some for you to build your own at home. Just pick the room, measure the space and equipment, pick a layout you can get behind, and get started ASAP.
Here’s what you’ll need.
Foam tiles. You should probably start here. Do what gyms do and put in some foam tiles in the room of your choosing. Measure and decide how many you’ll need to cover it. Grab a couple more because it’s smart to keep a spare handy.
Kettlebells. These truly rock and are a fave among athletes including Mansour. This multi-purpose tool is basically like number one on our must-haves for any home gym. You’ll be using this all the time, so just make sure you pick a weight that fits your current abilities. Hint: you need to be able to swing it comfortably and carry it without much effort. If you don’t have much experience with them, don’t go out and buy the biggest, heaviest one you can find. It simply won’t do you much good.
Jump rope. Good rope will take you far. Small and compact when not in use, this is a tool that takes time to master. It’ll raise your heart rate quickly, force you to keep good form and will build your muscle memory. And it’ll keep you in shape. The old-timers got it right when they said it worked.
Resistance bands. A complete set of light to heavy bands will serve many functions and will bring the burn whether you expect it or not. We even know athletes that use these as a sub for weights when they travel. Believe it. The hype is real.
Dumbbells. Far and wide the most seen in any gym, period. We can spend all day explaining what they are good for and how programs are based around them in one way or another. But you don’t need any of that. You’re here, and ready to pump iron.
A mat. A standard yoga mat is good for so many workouts. Chances are you already have one, but you might want to go the extra mile and find one that upgrades the one you already own. Big brain thinking.
A mirror. Because without a personal trainer there with you, you will need to keep an eye on your form. Go with a must-have single mirror or install a few along one wall depending on your style mood.
Battle rope. You can use them to work on muscle building, cardio, stamina and as part of a larger circuit in your training routine. They don’t take up much space and are proven to show results.
Mansour Al Safran during a training session
Mansour Al Safran during a training session
Exercise bike. A favorite of Mansour’s to keep him in tip top shape. He also recommends a spinning bike or whatever is hot now if you’d like to fit one in. Rowing machines also count in this category.
Foam roller. You should have one of these even without a home gym. Use them a couple of times a week to keep muscles fresh and target pains that every athlete has to deal with. They work wonders, and you’ll be able to do more because they absolutely work.
Yoga block. Yes, you do yoga. Plus, they are great for stretch days or even used as a second physical marker when you are doing a workout routine on the mat.
Enjoy building your home gym this summer and make a process out of it. Cater it to your needs, and you’ll be more motivated to work out when it’s complete.