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So What’s the Fuss About ‘League of Legends’ Anyway?

As the final of Red Bull Player One UAE fast approaches, we take a look at what makes this title one of the most popular MOBA games of all time.
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While games like Fortnite have been gaining a lot of momentum this past year, the big uncles of online gaming are still alive and thriving with millions of players logging in daily. One of the behemoths of multiplayer games was, and still is, Riot Games’ popular online battle arena League of Legends (LoL).
And as the final of Red Bull Player One UAE is just around the corner, 27 October 2018 at GamesCon Abu Dhabi to be precise, we’ve decided to delve deep into the history of the game. After all, Red Bull Player One UAE is about finding the ultimate LoL solo player.
Truth be told, the title arrived at a very strategic time when DotA was gaining a lot of traction, but the battle arena genre was still new and largely untouched. Riot Games had the ambition to take the genre beyond what DotA creator IceFrog was capable of at that time. They created a whole new game that shared many of the aspects of the genre but addressed a lot of gameplay issues that DotA players had – such as no consequences for hackers and trolls, and unbalanced, unofficial matches created by the players themselves. Instead, they provided a polished experience in a secure playing environment that tracked both match and player stats and dealt with player grievances. Not to mention that the whole game was truly free to play, with all meaningful content readily accessible to players. This gave LoL an amazing head start which allowed them to attract millions of players and dominate the online battle arena field.
What has kept the game so popular all these years is the unique team and community-based gameplay aspects of LoL as well as how the developers have kept the game interesting since through patches and community events.


The way LoL is set up encourages people to play with friends in order to be more successful at winning matches, which results attracting more players through people who invite their friends, as well as having more players online at a given time.
This in turn spurs on gamers to master their solo skills. It makes it incredibly rewarding for those who find more permanent teammates or groups to join.
Participants during the National Final of Red Bull Player One

Participants during the National Final of Red Bull Player One

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LoL has a massive community of people who watch each other play, talk about the game or new patches, and talk about strategies or share tips on forums. Streamers, podcasts, and YouTubers have cropped up with huge followings of fans who love to watch them play and talk about the game. This sense of community has a big underlying effect on the popularity of the game because it encourages players to become part of something new and exciting, and the many opportunities to join in on the conversation makes it easy to do so.
Riot Games also encouraged a growing community by hosting professional eSports tournaments and events. These events can rake in millions of dollars in prize pools and attract a huge amount of viewers worldwide, who support the various eSport tournament teams and rising eSports stars.


LoL manages to keep a steady stream of new players coming in through both the popularity of the genre and because the game is challenging but easier to pick up and play than the more ‘hardcore’ alternatives like DotA 2 and Heroes of Newerth (HoN).
The developers are also keeping players engaged through constant patches that change the gameplay and sometimes add new champions to play with. These patches keep players on their toes because they constantly have to adapt their strategies to the new gameplay mechanics as well as the new dynamics that an additional champion adds.
Another incentive that keeps players coming back for more is the ranking system and "Blue Essence" currency system. LoL uses a ranking system that’s connected to each player’s account, and the player can gain ranks with additional rewards and abilities by playing the game. Along with gaining a better rank based on how well a player is doing, LoL players also gain a currency called ‘Blue Essence” during their matches which they can use for a myriad of things, including to unlock new champions and other exclusive content.
All of these features combined with the fact that LoL offers a polished game at no charge to the players makes for a compelling reason to play the game. Which is why many new and experienced gamers flock to LoL each day.
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