Tekken Master Ready for the Explosive MK11 Final

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We talk to Sayed “Tekken Master” Hashem to get some insight into his prep for the MK11 Grand Final.
Written by Noor Nooruddin, Red Bull BahrainPublished on
With the global Mortal Kombat 11 grand final just around the corner, we checked in with Nasr eSports athlete and Bahraini MK11 superstar, Tekken Master, to see how he’s getting ready for what could be his biggest competition yet. Although Hashem’s no stranger to the eSports spotlight, it’s safe to say the champ is a little nervous but mostly excited and ready to give it all he’s got to get the championship title on March 8 in Chicago, IL.
What are you doing to prepare for the MK11 Final Kombat?
Well first, I’m practicing… a lot! Every day! My practice strategy is to focus on fine-tuning the skill set of every character in the game. I’m experimenting with different strategies and how to “punish” the different characters. The key is to take my time and focus on every single character, so that no opponent of mine can throw me off based purely on what characters they choose; I need to be able to play with any character in the game at any given point, so as not to give my opponents the idea that I’m better at certain characters than others.
Are you focusing on solo practices or friendly matches?
Definitely friendly matches, it’s the best way to figure out how an actual opponent will play you – computers just can’t cut it on their own. I practice with friends from all around the Middle Eastern region, again focusing on playing with each different character to make sure that there aren’t any blind spots that I’m missing.
Are there any characters you’re having difficulty with?
No, I’m good! I think I prepared myself pretty well.
How many hours per week or day do you usually spend practicing?
I would say two hours, give or take of course.
Are you playing other games or spending all your possible gaming hours on MK11?
No, I definitely play other games. Call of Duty has been a personal favorite of mine for years so I’m always playing it with all its parts. Sometimes I’ll play Clash, for fun of course!
The Bahraini Nasr eSports athlete is currently number four on the Mortal Kombat Pro Series world leaderboard, where the Top 16 will compete at the final. SonicFox is currently sitting at the number one spot. We can’t wait to see if we’ll get a rematch that won’t just knock SonicFox’s hat off, but his top spot completely!