The ABCs of D A N C E
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Ever wondered what it takes to be a great dancer? Read through the story to pick up some tips from the top dancers in Jordan.
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Dancing is one of the most fascinating types of art, with its powerful urge to move to the rhythm and express yourself through your body.
In Jordan, the dancing scene has been evolving since the late 90s and every year a new generation arises with insane talent. We sat down with some of Jordan’s top dancers who are participating in this year’s Red Bull Dance Your Style—taking place on the 13th of May at the Abdali Boulevard—to ask them if they had any advice for up and coming dancers, or simply for anyone who loves to dance! Here’s what they had to say:
The ABCs of D A N C E
The ABCs of D A N C E
Wafa Asinnjlawi: a university student who started her hip-hop dance journey only recently but proved to be a force to be reckoned with, Wafa says that what pushes her to keep dancing is how it allows her to express herself and change the norms around her.
Ahmad Ziad: a digital marketing specialist and popping dancer, Ahmad Ziad had a different take on what pushes him as a dancer. To him, believing in the process is the key. Learning and unlearning keeps him motivated and on his toes for every dance he does. That’s a great way to look at things!
Paulina: another great dancer participating in this year’s Red Bull Dance Your Style in Jordan is Paulina. She’s a hip-hop dancer who loves adding her touch of femininity to her style. Paulina believes that she pushes herself by practicing, learning from others, repeating what she picked up, and most importantly observing other techniques. For her, it doesn’t matter how hard it gets or how painful practicing is, believing in herself, feeling the music, and being in tune with her body makes her the great dancer she really is.
Rajaee: Rajaee is one of Jordan’s all-time favorite popping dancers who has participated in Red Bull Dance Your Style multiple times! Rajaee is straight to the point and knows that one thing keeps him going: dedication. We can’t help but agree, Rajaee.
Hassan: Last but not least, Hassan stepped in to give us a few pointers. The German hip-hop/popping dancer knows that all the elements that help push you forward are observing other great dancers, sharing ones experience, self-confidence, and passion. They’re what help your creativity as a dancer grow.
Of course, it’s always important to be inspired by others to become a better dancer yourself, but physical training, having an open mind to learn, and being yourself are the most important tips we can share with you to become a better dancer!
Now that our top 16 dancers have been chosen, it’s time for you to come join us at this year’s Red Bull Dance Your Style Jordan finals, happening at Abdali Boulevard on the 13th of May, starting at 8 PM. The exciting tournament is sponsored by Zain Jordan, MG Motor Jordan, INGOT Brokers, Ahli Bank, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Roya TV, and Radio Bliss 104.3.
To know more about Red Bull Dance Your Style Jordan National Finals visit this link.
See you then!