8 Things That Make Joe Flizzow... The President

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Find out why this Malaysian Hip Hop legend still holds office.
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Joe's not afraid of the spotlight
Joe's not afraid of the spotlight
Malaysia is South East Asia’s most exciting (if not, most promising) ground to witness the rise of quality Hip Hop in the region. Since the late 80s, waves of Malaysian Hip Hop have sporadically emerged and receded, paving the way for newer and fresher skilled artists. One of the many legends that have helped defined Malaysian Hip Hop goes by the moniker, The President – better known as Joe Flizzow. Here are 8 reasons why The President still holds office.

1. Joe’s Barbershop/ Restaurant.

Growing up in Subang Jaya it is only natural for Joe to mark his spot in the 47500, and what better way to do it than with a clean, themed barber shop – Joe’s Barbershop that is. Located in SS15, Joe’s venture into the hair business is a bold and clearly rewarding one with its constant flow of boys coming in to be groomed like men. To top it off, nestled behind the barber shop is the all-new Joe’s Kitchen with a menu of original and familiar favourites. Grub and good hair, can’t mess with that right?

2. Too Phat

Joe is one half of Malaysian Hip Hop legend, Too Phat. Along with partner Malique, the duo went on to boldly push the envelope of rap music in Malaysia, inspiring a generation of local emcees and reinforcing a localised Hip Hop culture into the Malaysian mainstream. With an impressive number of awards and accolades under their belt, Too Phat became and remains the most successful Hip Hop outfit in Malaysia to date. Bragging rights wise, these guys are untouchable. A comeback would be epic.

3. Kartel Records

Founded in 2005, Kartel Records is Joe’s answer to Hip Hop labels in the likes of DefJam and Roc-A-Fella. The label’s first release was Too Phat’s final album Rebirth Into Reality, followed by Joe’s solo debut The President. Fast forward 8 years, Kartel Records have become a household name in the music industry with prominent local artists like Altimet and SonaOne flying under its wings. With Joe directing the ship as CEO and strengthening Kartel’s position as one of Asia's fastest growing hip-hop record label, Kartel is rightfully putting Malaysian Hip Hop on the map. Kartello Hello!

4. Global Reach & Respect

KRS-1, Siti Nurhaliza, Warren G, Amy Search, Sharifah Aini, Terry Lee, Inul Daratista, Joey Boy, Machi, Roslan Aziz; the list of acclaimed local and international artists Joe have worked with speaks volume on the respect this emcee has earned through the years. Don’t get us started on the countries he’s been to perform.

5. Expanding Discography

With 5 highly successful albums with Malique as Too Phat, and a solo debut The President to his name, Joe is far from calling it quits. Having released new singles sporadically in the last few years, word on the street is the man has been busy in the kitchen cooking up a new album.

6. In Da Club

The KL club scene is a busy one but when it comes to Hip Hop, it is a fair rule of thumb to party where Joe is. Having hosted weekly series of club nights in KL in the last few years, Joe’s team of emcees and DJs have an impressive track record of turning ordinary nights into a celebrative (and often pretty epic) Hip Hop affair. Try catching the crew on weekends, they go cray.

7. Hip Hoppin’ Asia

Joe has his very own travel show, beat that! Aptly titled Hip Hoppin’ Asia, the show follows Joe Flizzow and DJ Cza as they explore and uncover Asia from a Hip Hop perspective. Aired on 8TV at the end quarter of 2012, Joe’s coverage of Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Sri Lanka among others, highlighted the connection and unity of Hip Hop heads around the region, despite cultural differences.

8. KL Heads

Joe and Malique introduced the world to the oh-so familiar KL Caps back in 2005, rocking it for the first time on the sleeve of Too Phat’s Rebirth Into Reality album. Today, the distinctively recognizable KL Cap is produced by Joe’s very own State of Mind Caps and rocked by kids in and out of KL. Much respect!
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