6 FIFA 19 dribbling tips to help you beat defenders

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Written by Ford James
Use these skills and techniques to dribble past the opposition in FIFA 19.
Dribbling is more refined than ever in FIFA 19. The new Active Touch system allows for greater control, especially when it comes to your first touch when receiving the ball. Follow that up with the Timed Finishing mechanic – which enables you to pull off more accurate shots – and FIFA aficionados will feel right at home with EA’s latest football game. If you’re looking for ways to beat defenders instead of passing around them, here are six top FIFA 19 dribbling tips that we learned from the demo. 
Oh, and if you want to execute the skills in this guide, it'll help to have some of the top ten FIFA 19 best dribblers in your side.

1. Master the Fake Pass

Fake Passes work well when you're out on the wing.
Fake Passes work well when you're out on the wing.
There’s nothing better than dribbling near an opponent, leading him one way then quickly pressing square followed by X (X then A on Xbox) to do a fake pass and leave him for dust. It’s most useful when you’re in control of a winger near the edge of the box as turning 180 degrees with the ball gives you enough space to follow up with a cross. Or, if you’ve got someone with impressive finesse shots, you can try to curl one into the top corner from the edge of the box as you cut inside. It can also be done as a fake shot but we've found that a fake pass is much easier to execute.

2. Master the Ball Roll

The Ball Roll is simple but effective
The Ball Roll is simple but effective
One of the simplest skill moves in FIFA is the ball roll. You only need two-star skill moves to pull it off so it can be done by almost anyone, and is perfect for avoiding incoming sliding challenges and committed standing tackles. Make sure you stop sprinting, then just hold the right stick to the left or right, depending on which direction you want to shift. It’s easy to master and it’s so satisfying when you do it cleanly.

3. Take a heavy touch

Tap the ball forward and sprint after it
Tap the ball forward and sprint after it
When you’ve got a pacy winger, sometimes you don’t want to stop sprinting to roll the ball past an oncoming defender. In these situations, put your foot down on the accelerator and outpace them. Simply tap the right stick in the direction you’re sprinting and your player will kick the ball into space and continue running onto it. If your player doesn’t have enough pace then the defender will beat you to it but it works consistently with the fastest players.

4. Master the Ronaldo Chop

The Ronaldo chop – despite the name – can be done by anyone with four star skills or above. It’s harder to pull off than a ball roll but when executed correctly, is much more effective for changing direction.
There are two ways to pull it off – the same way as a fake pass (square + X/X + A), but only in a 45 degree angle to the way you’re running. If the player has four star skills, they’ll chop the ball rather than faking a pass. The other way includes a ball roll at the start – move the right stick (while not sprinting) in the way you want to send the defender, then tap it quickly twice in the opposite direction. It looks fancier and is more effective at sending the defender the wrong way, but you can’t do it while sprinting.

5. Master the Rainbow Flick

Neymar Jr has his own Rainbow Flick
Neymar Jr has his own Rainbow Flick
One of the most famous skill moves in football, the rainbow flick is great way to get past more than one defender at once. There are two versions, one of which is more advanced, but takes longer to pull off and isn’t as effective when under pressure. We’ll focus on the simple version, which will be enough in nearly every situation. As with most skill moves, stop sprinting, then hold the right stick back in the opposite direction to which you’re running. Then, quickly flick the stick twice in the direction you are going. The result is a lofted ball that soars over defenders – if you mess up the second flick, your player will attempt the move but fail halfway through.

6. Keep close control under pressure

When you receive the ball with your back to goal and you’re under pressure, hold L1 (LB on Xbox) to enable close control. Your touches will be shorter, and you’ll shield the ball from anyone coming in from behind. This way, it’s a lot easier to spot a perfect through ball or back pass, but if there’s not one available, you can use it to slowly edge past defenders. If you carefully dribble it in the opposite direction you’re facing, you can break free when the right moment occurs. It’s slower but it gives your team-mates time to catch up and make space for themselves.
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