7 most uplifting Malaysian songs

© Irwandy Mazwir/Wikimedia Commons
Written by M. Zulkifli
These inspiring tunes never fail to raise our spirits to greater heights
Music can deliver a host of different emotions. A song’s lyrics, arrangement and the artiste’s performance have the ability to trigger sadness, defiance as well as to lift our spirits, and get the adrenaline pumping. With the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games happening this month (not to mention Merdeka Day), we spoke to local entertainment personalities about anthems that should be played at arenas, as we celebrate the effort and achievements of our Malaysian athletes.

‘Fikirkan Boleh’ by Metropolitan

This was the song that started it all. When the “Malaysia Boleh” chants first emerged at sporting arenas nationwide, this song blasted through the speakers, with the volume all revved up. “The lyrics are just inspiring,” says Affa of legendary hip-hop outfit, NICO G. “Even in our daily lives, the song could really snap us out of a disappointment and spur us to simply try harder at whatever it is we’re doing.”

‘Gemuruh’ by Faizal Tahir

Released in 2007, ‘Gemuruh’ is now one of THE go-to songs when it comes to lifting the rah-rah moment on any occasion. TV personality and producer, Ally Iskandar says, “It’s one of my all-time favourite ‘game on’ songs. There’s something special about the lyrics ‘dari puncak menuju ke angkasa’. It tells you that the peak is only the beginning of a journey of no limit. That’s what success is all about.”

‘Gemilang ‘by Jaclyn Victor

You can already imagine the confetti raining down as Jaclyn Victor hits the high notes of this mesmerizing uplifting number. “This song never fails to lift my love for Malaysia and the men and women who carry our Jalur Gemilang,” says former radio boss and announcer, Kudsia Kahar. “The melody, the lyrics, and Jac’s amazing voice... the first time I heard it, I just had a lump in my throat.”

‘Legenda’ by Sheila Majid

Composed as a tribute for the nation’s greatest artiste, the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee, ‘Legenda’ also inspires us all to rise above all the challenges we face. “It is very emotionally-driven and allows us to ponder over those who have achieved greatness and leave behind their own legacy,” says recording artiste and vocal coach, Vince Chong. “‘Legenda’ is also very touching, and delivers a very positive message to those who are probably struggling in their lives.”

‘Standing In The Eyes Of The World’ by Ella

Almost 20 years on, ‘Standing In The Eyes’, easily gives every Malaysian the goose bumps every time it is played. Ella’s rendition is simply pitch perfect with the right amount of soul. "For me, the song simply resonates with a lot of people,” says guitarist, composer and recording artiste, Az Samad. “The feeling of starting small, working hard to being in that moment when you’re looked upon by the whole world is something people can relate to. The song's arrangement builds up along with that emotional intent.”

‘Mentera Semerah Padi’ by M. Nasir

With traditional instrumentation and a soaring chorus, this M. Nasir song is one of the most powerful he’s ever produced and performed. “It makes us want to rise and fight for what we believe in,” says Suria FM’s veteran deejay, Halim Othman. “The poetic lyrics are really inspiring, and unmistakably M. Nasir.”

‘Negaraku’ by Joe Flizzow, SonaOne Altimet & Faizal Tahir

As patriotic as it comes, the song simply urges us to give our all to this land we call Malaysia, which is epitomized by the line, “Negaraku, negaraku, ku beri sepenuhnya…” Released in 2016, the collaboration of three of our most talented rappers, Joe Flizzow, SonaOne, Altimet, along with Faizal Tahir, makes this a real uplifting juggernaut. “You can sense and feel its earnestness,” says deejay and creative director, Suffian Rahman. “This is the kind of song that can really bring us all together.”
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