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Home is where the heart is for Warm Brew

Red Bull Records’ hip-hop trio explain why LA’s Westside is their muse in this exclusive session.
Written by Sammy Lee
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The video above contains language some people may find offensive.
The first hip-hop act to sign to Red Bull Records are firm believers in regionalism – that your music should represent where you’re from. For Ray Wright, Serk Spliff and Manu Li that’s LA’s Westside, an area more usually associated with rock music than rap.
The trio met at Santa Monica High, started rapping on the school bus, and holding Macbook-writing sessions in between football practice. They built up a passionate following around their riotous backyard shows where, as they put it, “Everything was ruined and everyone was happy”. The Mission, their first single for Red Bull Records and the first track they perform for this See. Hear. Now. session, is very much a musical thank you letter to the city and the people who made them.
Aiming for a progressive take on G-Funk, Warm Brew also want to give rare voice to the black population of Venice Beach and Santa Monica. As Serk told Noisey, “People think it’s a paradise, where n****s like us don’t live. We’re the voice of the people, like, ‘We still exist’.”
Warm Brew perform exclusively for
Warm Brew perform exclusively for
In The Car, the second track in this session filmed at Red Bull Studios in New York, captures the sense of old friends head-nodding their way along the coast road together.
Follow-up material to 2018’s New Content is scheduled for later this year starting with the release of the track Fame on Friday, September 27.
Get to know Warm Brew a little better and check out exclusive performances of The Mission (from 3m 26s) and In The Car (12m 6s) in the player above.
Warm Brew perform exclusively for
Warm Brew perform exclusively for