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Tear between the ferns with Bryn Atkinson in the latest Sound of Speed

© Rob Parkin
Written by Faye Brozek + Rob Parkin
Hear the sound of impact as Australian professional mountain biker Bryn Atkinson tears his way through dense forest lines.
Just because you stop racing on the World Cup circuit doesn't mean for one minute you're getting any slower. After swapping Australia for the Pacific Northwest and trading race pips for camera clicks, Bryn Atkinson understands every element needed in making an epic MTB edit. Listen to the pure, unadulterated trail ripping as he shreds between ferns below...
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Bryn Atkinson
Where was this shot?
Bryn Atkinson: Between two ferns.
Is this your local?
It’s someones local ;-)
What's your all-time favourite trail?
Oriental Express on Galbraith mountain.
Bryn Atkinson jumps between ferns during Sound of Speed.
Slaying the enduro rig
Do you mostly ride Enduro trails now or does the DH bike still make an appearance?
Mostly trail bike stuff, the bikes are just so capable right now, my Range covers most everything. I definitely still have a DH bike to rip around on though.
Since retiring from World Cup racing, what have you been up to?
I stepped over into an ambassador role, so media projects, product shoots, press camps, product testing and content creation. I’ve also been playing around with a camera – shooting photos, which I really enjoy.
Bryn Atkinson gets airborne during the filming of Sound of Speed.
Airborne aussie
Being that your wife Jill is also a former World Cup rider, you're probably among the fastest MTB couples in the world, right?
You could say that, I guess.
You have a reputation for cornering like a beast, did this come naturally or something you had to work at?
I definitely had to work on it, cornering doesn’t come easy. I grew up in Townsville, Australia, where the dirt is really loose, and I would come home with bloody knees more often than not. Aside from that, a big part of the progression was Jill and I would set up turn tracks all the time, something as simple as cones on a gravel fire road and go to town with the timers. A flat slippery turn paired with the clock can teach you just about everything you need to know.
Bryn Atkinson hits a berm during the filming of Sound of Speed.
Busting up berms
What would be your top tips for being able to rail a turn like a rocket?
Practise with intention, slow down, think about good form and don’t rush through it. You’re better off hitting the right line with good timing so you can spring out, rather than being late and all out of sync with the trail.
Bryn Atkinson seen hitting a jump during SoS.
Catch him if you can...
If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be?
This goes for just about any young rippers out there, and that’d be a suggestion to use the brakes a little more, and to trust ya speed.. Hence my answer to the previous question.