Take our Dota 2 7K MMR quiz

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Written by Mike Stubbs
This is it, you’ve worked your way up the ladder and this is your chance to start playing with the pros on a regular basis. Don’t mess it up!
So you breezed through 1K, took on the 3K players with little trouble and barely dropped a game during that brief period in the 5K world, but now you’re in the big leagues and things have jumped up another notch.
In the 7K bracket the pro players are all around you, along with the biggest pub star names ever. Even some of the best players in the world struggle to get this far, but this is your chance to prove that you can one up them and secure your place in the top tier of Dota.
But this is where we really ramp up the difficulty. Can you remember niche mechanics that you may only need to know once in every 1,000 games? Can you do the crucial maths to decide if taking that risk is worth it? Can you remember how much mana you need to regain in order to cast a spell? All of these things may sound tiny, but you can guarantee that at least once in your Dota career you'll need them at a clutch moment.
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