The Bucketlist from holland

A bucket list of 10 Dutch attractions you should have seen

Conversely, foreigners know highlights in Holland often better than the Dutchies themselves. When we say: 'Giethoorn', 'Keukenhof' and 'Zaanse Schans', does that ring any bells? Ha, busted! Though our cold little country has so many pearls to offer.

For your portion Dutch: a bucket list of 10 Dutch attractions you should have seen!

Giethoorn© [unknown]

1. Giethoorn

Giethoorn is the Venice of the Netherlands. The elongated water village is known for its bridges, punts (small sailing boats), as well as the Chinese people. The tourists from the Asian country travel in such large numbers to Giethoorn that it seems almost a Chinese enclave. And if you're Chinese? Good news for you! There are special noodle cookers in rooms, there are almost no number four hotel rooms (the Chinese figure for dead) and there are bus tickets in Chinese! Say cheese!

Keukenhof© [unknown]

2. KeukenhofThe garden of Europe, Keukenhof, is located in Lisse. In April and May the Keukenhof is one big flower garden. There are over seven million crocuses, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, lilies and other flowers. Every year there are more than one million visitors from all over the world at the garden.

Volendam© [unknown]

3. Volendam

Volendam, the village of Volendam music, national costumes and drug abuse. Do not forget to bring a camera! To shoot snapshots of the picturesque fishing boats, selfies in costumes and famous typically Dutch artists.

De coffee shop
De coffee shop© [unknown]

4. The Coffee Shop

Smoke weed everyday. In other countries, tourists always ask the Dutch: "Ooh, you're from Holland? Weed is legal there, right? So cool .. " You must definitely have put at least one foot in the Dutch coffee shop. Peace dude.

Kinderdijk© [unknown]

5. Kinderdijk

There have been written a lot of songs about mills in Holland. The village of Kinderdijk in South Holland is known for its beautiful windmills. The nineteen-winged tower is even on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

6. The Delta Works

We Dutchies can stop water! After the flood of 1953 it was decided to shorten the Dutch coastline of about 700 kilometers. This short-cut was created by the construction of dams between the South Holland and Zeeland. An ingenious plan, which by the American Society of Civil Engineers is even explaned as one of the seven modern wonders of the world.

The Red Light District
The Red Light District© [unknown]

7. The Red Light District

The Red Light District is famous in Holland. Behind the red-lit windows the ladies lure the visitors inside. The streets and alleys between the Amsterdam Warmoesstraat and the promenade are located in the oldest part of Amsterdam. Stroll along to look at the prostitutes.

Rotterdam© [unknown]

8. Rotterdam Harbor

The harbor of Rotterdam is the gateway to the Netherlands. It is one of the largest harbors in the world: each year, hundreds of millions of tons of goods go through Rotterdam in order to be implemented to city's in the rest of Europe. With water taxis you can rip across the water. Do not forget: Hotel New York, the former headquarters of the Holland-America Line and the place where Anouk, a famous Dutch artist, wrote the songs from her eponymous album.

Cheese Market
Cheese Market© [unknown]

9. Cheese

Yellow, round and tasty. The Netherlands is known for its cheese. Where there were once numerous Dutch trade places for cheese, there are now only five real cheese markets. Two of them actually have a commercial function. Only in Woerden and Gouda farmers and wholesalers still sell a lot of cheese.

Willemstad© [unknown]

10. Willemstad

What? Curaçao? After all, the island belongs to the Netherlands. To say that you are a typically Dutchie, you should definitely have been in this little kingdom. Not a bad number ten, right? The beaches of the Netherlands Antilles are pretty powerful, and a lot more appealing than that of Scheveningen. And also tourists have Curaçao must-sees for the Dutchman. For a history lesson the historical center (which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list) and the Ferry Bridge Willemstad, are the places to be.

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