Red Bull Megaloop

1 april – 1 november 2021
The NetherlandsThe Spot, Zandvoort, The Netherlands
Event informatie

Red Bull Megaloop is the most extreme kiteboard event. When the perfect storm hits the Netherlands, with winds over 35 knots, 16 of the world’s best kiteboarders will be challenged to show their biggest megaloops. From April 1st – November 1st we’re all on standby, to wait for mother nature to give us the perfect conditions.


Normally the wind window for Red Bull Megaloop would open from April 1st - November 1st. Unfortunately we still have to wait a little longer. The COVID-19 situation doesn't allow us to run an event like this just yet. So the opening of the wind window will be postponed till further notice.

The production team is in close contacts with local authorities to see how we can safely run an event as soon as more restrictions are released. And we're also monitoring the travel restrictions from each region to make sure we have an international field of athletes. We are confident that the window of opportunity will come soon. Hopefully this aligns with a few good storms this year.

As soon as it's allowed and possible to run this event, we will open the wind window. Keep an eye on our channels to stay tuned.

The 16 riders of last year will get another chance to compete in the event and are automatically qualified for the Red Bull Megaloop 2021.

Please follow this website or our Facebook Page to stay updated on when the wind window will open.