8 tips to become a myClub expert in eFootball PES 2020

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Want to earn GP and obtain the best players in myClub? Check out these key tips.
Written by Fraser GilbertPublished on
The most popular mode in eFootball PES 2020 is arguably myClub -- Pro Evo’s take on FIFA's Ultimate Team, in which you collect star players for your squad, improve their skills, and compete against others across a variety of tournaments and leagues.
If you’re new to the mode this year, there are plenty of unique features to get to grips with. Here are a selection of tips below to get you started, helping you achieve more success on the pitch, as well as acquire the very best players PES 2020 myClub has to offer.

1. Invest in a good manager

You’ll receive plenty of myClub Coins for completing simple tasks early on, and it’s worth spending some of these on a top manager. Head to the Manager screen and look for someone with favourable tactics and superb Management Skills. The latter is particularly important, as the Management Skills rating determines how many high-rated players your squad can accommodate. Surpass that rating, and you’ll suffer a huge loss of Team Spirit.

2. Use extra myClub Coins on Featured Players

Featured players are always great additions to your squad
Featured players are always great additions to your squad
Any extra myClub Coins you collect throughout the year should be saved for Featured Players. These are unique, enhanced versions of players that are released on a weekly basis -- similar to Team of the Week players in FIFA -- and are only purchasable with myClub Coins. Featured Players typically serve as some of the highest-rated superstars throughout the mode, and almost always guarantee a fantastic gold or black ball addition for your squad.

3. Train your squad effectively

You can convert unwanted players in eFootball PES 2020 into EXP Trainers, allowing them to enhance the stats of other players in your team. It's important to use trainers wisely -- try to match their characteristics to similar members of your squad (position, nationality, etc) for a potentially bigger upgrade. Also, you can use a duplicate player to massively boost the attributes of their counterpart, so there’s no reason to groan if you get Cristiano Ronaldo twice.

4. Boost your Team Spirit

Use agents to boost your Team Spirit for better performances
Use agents to boost your Team Spirit for better performances
Team Spirit is the equivalent of FIFA's Chemistry system, although it’s far less reliant on combining specific players. Instead, Team Spirit is generated by playing games with the same lineup, as well as applying items such as Tactical Training and Familiarity Boosts to both your squad and manager. You’ll get the latter two when you use Agents, and it’s always worth using them as a maxed-out Team Spirit rating (99) equals better performances on the pitch.

5. Earn rewards via the new Matchday mode

By playing games and racking up points in PES 2020’s new Matchday mode, you can acquire everything from Scouts to myClub Coins. The mode is available for a few hours every day, and sees you picking a side (‘Home’ or ‘Away’) and competing against others online ahead of a Grand Final. You can earn thousands of GP simply by watching this final take place (and more if your side wins), but you’ll need to be online at the right times to reap the benefits.

6. Keep an eye on in-form players

Real-life form can add a boost to your players
Real-life form can add a boost to your players
The Live Condition feature updates the form of various players every week, with certain stars’ performances getting a major boost on the pitch. If you happen to own a player in the ‘A’ or ‘B’ category, it’s worth playing them regularly, as their form will typically be increased compared to normal. You should check player form manually (indicated by coloured arrows), to check just head to the Game Plan screen before a match and press the R2/RT button.

7. Identify the best Scout combinations

You’ll get Scouts from playing games, and these can be used to obtain specific players. By using the Scout Database feature, you can hone-in on the stars you want to target, identifying which Scouts you’ll need to sign certain players. You can combine three Scouts at once, and the ultimate goal is to find a combination which gives you a 100% chance of obtaining your chosen star. Any extra Scouts you require can be purchased via the Auctions House.

8. Save your top stars for big games

Top players are expensive to play regularly
Top players are expensive to play regularly
The worst thing about using top players in myClub is how expensive their contracts can be. You’ll need to fork out plenty of GP to keep them playing, and while Contract Renewal Tickets can lessen the blow, they’re rarely able to accommodate the entire team. As a result, try to avoid using your highest-rated players for easy offline tournaments and less important games. You can always put a few on the bench to potentially bail you out if need be.