What measures does Red Bull take to reduce CO₂ emissions?

At Red Bull we have taken many initiatives to actively reduce CO₂ emissions in recent years. We not only use and exploit the technical optimisation potential of the aluminium can, but also constantly work on improvements along the entire supply chain. The local consolidation of the Red Bull can production and filling alone (so-called “Wall-to-Wall production”) saves over 12 million truck kilometres or 10,000 tonnes of CO₂ every year.

Whenever transport is necessary, we prefer climate-friendly modes of transport on every possible occasion. In addition, we have started to switch to eco-efficient refrigerators (“ECO Coolers”) and refrigerants in recent years, saving up to 45% energy compared to conventional cooling devices: Seven ECO coolers only use as much energy as a single 100-watt light bulb. We already have more than one million ECO Coolers in use worldwide.

Please find additional information on the reduction of our CO₂ emissions here.

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