Made in Aotearoa
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Kehu Butler: Made In Aotearoa

Journeying the wild and untamed coastlines of Aotearoa with Kehu we gain an insight into how this rugged environment has shaped the people who spend their lives in the water.
Written by Red Bull
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Surfing · 36 min
Kehu Butler: Made in Aotearoa
With 15,000 kilometres of coastline, Aotearoa, is a world-class surf destination.
Home to some of the least crowded waves in the world and a population with strong cultural ties to the ocean, it’s a fertile environment for eccentric characters, colourful stories and amazing waves.
Made in Aotearoa travels through the land of the long white cloud with Kehu Butler as our travel guide, hitting up the iconic surf spots across the country.
We meet the legends and up-and-comers of the surfing world, told from Kehu's perspective, we learn how the generations of surfers in Kehu's family has help carve him in to the athlete he is today.