7 big challenges you’ll face in FIFA 20 Career Mode

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Written by Fraser Gilbert
There are some big additions to Career Mode in FIFA 20. Here’s how to achieve success in the English Premier League and beyond.
Career Mode has long been a popular staple of the FIFA franchise, allowing you to take over a team (or player) and embark on a multi-season campaign. And on FIFA 20 you'll be tested to your limits.
We've picked out a select few challenges you’ll need to overcome as a result, allowing you to best develop your squad and prove successful with your chosen team. After all, that trophy cabinet won’t fill itself...

1. Press conferences

Arguably the biggest new feature in Career Mode, press conferences can play a major part in your success. You’ll be called upon to attend interactive conferences before and after specific games and the answers you choose will have an effect on both player and team morale.
You’ll need to pick the right responses based on your players’ personalities to keep their morale high. Be sure to think carefully about your answers, as a poor level of player morale can have an effect on their performance in matches.

2. Creating your manager avatar

A screenshot of FIFA 20 manager avatars.
There are more avatar options in FIFA 20
You can create a manager in FIFA 19’s Career Mode, but the options are limited in nature. There's a far more in-depth manager creation suite in FIFA 20, including the ability to play as a female manager for the first time in the mode’s history.
It'll be worth spending some time crafting your ideal manager, with the ability to customise various facial features in detail. Additionally, just like in Pro Clubs and the new Volta Football mode, the avatar creation tool will include morphing options.

3. Maximising player potential

A screenshot of FIFA 20's tactics menu and player compassion screen.
A player's potential ability can change during the season
Be wary: unlike the last game in the franchise, FIFA 20 player potentials develop based on their performances. This will allow their potential ability to change dynamically over time, being determined by how they performed in the previous season.
For instance, a young wonderkid who scores plenty of goals might see his potential increase. Alternatively, someone who lacks game time or performs poorly could suffer the opposite. As a result, it'll be crucial to manage your squad effectively.

4. Competitive key games

A screenshot of Raheem Sterling in FIFA 20.
Raheem Sterling of Manchester City in FIFA 20
FIFA 20 has introduced an array of gameplay changes that’ll present new challenges on the pitch, but AI logic has also been tinkered with in Career Mode. Specifically, how CPU teams arrange their line-ups for important matches.
In the past, AI sides haven’t always utilised their prime XI, even when competing in crucial ties. Expect instances of this to be significantly reduced in FIFA 20, with an improved algorithm ensuring the AI will put out their very best team for big games.

5. Customising your appearance

A screenshot of FIFA 20 career mode customisation selection.
You can even choose your manager's outfits
In addition to creating a new Manager Avatar in FIFA 20’s Career Mode, you're able to customise their appearance with a selection of vanity items. This will include the ability to change their outfit throughout the season if you so wish.
You can see an example of this in the image above, with the creation suite including an array of formal, smart-casual and casual attire parts. After all, you’ll want to look your best when you’re hoisting that UEFA Champions League trophy...

6. Managing player conversations

A screenshot of FIFA 20 career mode player conversations
Be careful when answering questions from your players
While a form of player conversations has existed for some time in FIFA’s Career Mode, they’ve undergone significant changes for the latest game. The new system adopts a more in-depth approach and again, your answers will directly affect your players’ morale levels.
You’ll need to think about your responses, as some will require direct actions in order to alleviate your squad members’ concerns. Is it worth giving a disgruntled player more game time to boost their mood? You might be faced with that very decision.

7. Choosing the right league

A screenshot of Liverpool and Manchester City in the FIFA 20 menus.
The Premier League has a custom menu on FIFA 20 Career Mode
If you're seeking more immersion in Career Mode, you’ll want to consider the league you compete in. FIFA 20 has unique user interfaces for five leagues: the English Premier League, LaLiga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and MLS.
The mode’s menus will be coated in a specific visual style if you manage in one of these leagues, with competitions such as the UEFA Champions League also benefiting from a unique look. Just another great excuse to take charge of some of Europe’s top teams.