Red Bull Racing
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No room for butterfingers: Change The Game With Red Bull Pit Stop Challenge

Crack your knuckles, test your speed in this all-new online game and rev your way up to win an exclusive Red Bull Racing Factory tour.
Written by Nabil Tahir
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Get an exhilarating Formula 1 Pit Lane experience and battle your way up to win once-in-a-lifetime tour to the UK. Do you have what it takes?
Red Bull Pit Stop Challenge is more than just sweeping into the pit box, gunning in the new tires and screech away – it’s a competition that needs you to act at breath-taking speeds with laser-focused precision. With multiple attempts at your disposal, you can choose and submit your best score!
The only catch? You must make the fastest pit stop time in Pakistan to come up at the top of the leader board in and win! It could be 8 seconds, 7 seconds or even 10 seconds. Challenging enough?
Red Bull descends to reward the unsung heroes of the tracks who have an indispensable contribution behind the success of every winning F1 driver on track.
The challenge isn’t simple – you need extraordinary teamwork and smooth-as-butter hands that you get with a lot of practice.
Red Bull Racing is among the best performing teams in the pit with an unbeaten record of 1.82 seconds. Are you fast enough? Team Red Bull awaits you! Participate in the Red Bull Pit Stop Challenge for a hell of an interesting weekend.
Make the fastest pit stop time in Pakistan to win a grand prize
Make the fastest pit stop time in Pakistan to win a grand prize
For the first time, Red Bull appears in Pakistan for the F1 fans to see who could take up the challenge. Try the Pit Stop Challenge during these testing times through an exclusive online game with your team of four players. So bring on your A-game and see what it's like to be an actual crew member of the new-era Formula 1 model.


The online Red Bull Pit Stop Challenge is all about speed, focus and intensity. How do you win it? Act fast, focus, and replace the wheels as quickly as possible. Every touch, tap, action and movement that you and your team players make would count toward your success.


STEP 2: Click 'Play Now' and review instructions or 'skip'
STEP 3: Play the game.
Select the type of tires you would want to use. Your choice doesn’t affect your results – it’s only there as a customization feature in the game.
Stop the car: Place your finger anywhere on the screen and hold it to activate the car's arrival in the designated box. Raise your finger when you feel like it should stop. Train to stop the car at the ideal position in the box!
Lift the car: To lift the car, tap the screen with six rapid taps.
Note: If you tap the display less than six times, you have to start lifting again! If you tap more, you're wasting your time!
Wheel change: Wheel change is the most crucial part of a successful pit stop! Pull your finger up to attach the pneumatic gun to the wheel bolts. Place your finger on the screen and hold it until the green light turns on to signal the wheel release. Swipe down to allow your teammates to change wheels. Repeat the process to attach a new tire. Wait for the green light on the air pistol; otherwise, you will have to start tightening again!
Waiting for another pitstop at F1 race
Waiting for another pitstop at F1 race
Lower the car: Lower the car to the ground with six rapid taps. If you tap less than six times, you have to start again! If you tap more, you're still wasting your time!
Release the car: After the wheel change process, you must release the car from the marked area by quickly swiping your finger to the right. You can check the time and your performance indicators on the scoreboard.


Grand Prize: The top 3 participants on the leader board will win an exciting chance for a first-hand experience at the Red Bull Racing Factory! Specifically, it will be a three-day trip with a tour to visit the Red Bull Racing factory in Milton Keynes, UK. And that’s not all! Racers who finish with Top 50 scores will receive the exclusive Red Bull Racing Merchandise.
Crank it up! Are you set to win the Red Bull Pit Stop challenge? The tracks are all yours! Become the next best Pit Stop crew with Red Bull.