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One victory a week just ain’t enough for Arslan Ash

First it was the Combo Breaker, then it was two victories at Dreamhack Dallas in Tekken as well as King of Fighters. Leave it to Arslan Ash Ash to excel at multiple games and conquer it all.
Written by Red Bull Pakistan
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One victory wasn’t enough to satisfy the itch last week for Lahore-based Tekken player Arslan Ash. So, after winning Combo Breaker in Chicago, Arslan Ash flew to take over Dallas where he followed it up with another victory at Dreamhack Dallas.
But nah, only winning Tekken also wasn’t enough. So, what did Ash do? He competed in the King of Fighters XV where he ranked 2nd. There’s just no stopping this guy.
In the Tekken tournament at Dreamhack Dallas, Ash faced Dallas-based (and originally from Bangladesh) Akash in the grand finals. The show was fantastic and kept everyone on their toes as they watched the two gamers clash. In the end, Ash did what he always does: win. But Akash didn’t go down without a fight and Ash appreciated the intensity that the former brought to the competition.
“I really had fun playing with him. He was very tough to compete against,” said Ash.
Arslan Ash
Arslan Ash
On the other hand, Ash ranked 2nd in KOF XV. He defeated everyone on his way and reached the grand finals to compete against Reynald. While Reynald won the finals, Ash was quite happy with his performance.
“I only play KOF to stay in practice, as Tekken is my main forte,” said Ash. “I’ve seen gamers playing multiple games and compete and win in multiple tournaments so I did the same. And I’m very happy with the results.”
Ash also commended Reynald and thought they gelled very well in the virtual battlefield. “I did beat him in the pools (rounds) at Combo Breaker but he won here. He’s also the 2013 champ and not someone to take lightly. I thought we had a really good match and we had great chemistry in the game. Everyone watching enjoyed our fights.”
The Red Bull player admits the competition is getting tougher but that he’s here to stay and face it all. “People are studying me like never before and while it does feel good, it means fights are getting tougher. I had a tough competition even in the pools this time. It’s a lot of pressure but what can I say? We perform the best under pressure.”
Arslan Ash
Arslan Ash
Ash says the KOF community in Pakistan is not big but it’s strong and he’s been a part of it for years now and continues to play the game because he enjoys it. “I have had a long-time attachment with KOF so I enjoy playing it.”
Despite the competition getting harder as more players continue to study him, the Tekken maestro from Lahore asks us to watch out for him as he intends to reclaim the title three years after he won it first in 2019: EVO.
“I am preparing a lot and doing all the work to get ready for EVO this year. It’s coming back for the first time since 2019 and Insha Allah, I intend to win it again,” said Ash.
Arslan Ash - Winner of Combo Breaker 2022
Arslan Ash - Winner of Combo Breaker 2022
Ash made history when he won both EVO Japan and EVO USA in 2019 in his first attempts, and went on to be declared ESPN Esports Player of the Year. Watch out as Ash sets his eyes on the prize once again in 2022.