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10 quick ones with Tora Vinter

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Tora Vinter remixed Fever Ray then had a break from making music, it all changed when she was asked do to a remix for Amason and Ane Brun. The former RBMA participant is now back on track!

How did this EP come about?
Ane Brun asked me if we could write together for her upcoming album. After a little while in my process I understood that it was more of a Tora Vinter project that anything else and the idea about the female characters in One Thousand and One Nights came about. It was interesting to make music out of a theme, a story, rather than a genre or a purpose. Dance music has a clear and obvious purpose; to inspire and help people to move their body. I sort of made that purpose second to the story in the creative process, experimenting with new sounds, field recordings and such. It was fun! Gonna do more of that. 
It all stopped when my brother died. That was and is something that changes everything. Sometime during that time, on a dj-gig I was approached by Martin Nowakowski who asked about my new material. His label is named BROR Records which means brother. The name and the fact that he releases beautiful coloured vinyl seemed like more than a coincidence. And above all Martin is a super nice person.
What excites you with One thousand and one nights?
It is not the stories as they are written, it is the parts that are left out that I want to tell.
What book has influenced you the most?
Maybe actually the books about Paksenarrion.
What made you take up on music again?
An essential necessity. A part of my life that is all about just doing. Not succeeding, achieving on a mission or in a project. I don’t have to deliver. I just want to do it. That’s all it is. And I wish for everyone to have something like that in their life.
Is there a band t-shirt that you don’t wanna get rid of?
Easy! Little Dragons first t-shirt. Its beautiful and rare. My daughter started sleeping in it and I was a little embarrased when I told her that I didn’t want that ”because it’s precious”. Ha ha!
I went there dressed for a few hot summer days in ballerinas and a Prada bag.
Best festival experience?
Arvika, the summer me and Chris met. We saw a truly magical show by Kraftwerk. For a while I thought it was being in love that made the show so exceptional but afterwards I read several reviews that described the special energy and magical atmosphere at that concert.
Worst festival experience?
My first time at a festival were at Hultsfred a rainy summer way back when I was clueless. I knew I was gonna hang in the VIP area and  expected it to be indoors with champagne. I went there dressed for a few hot summer days in ballerinas and a Prada bag. It turned out it was in a tent and I was freezing and the wine from the bar was soo bad. I was knee deep in mud so it took a while before I visited a festival again.
My favourite gadget is:
My three favourite things are my Super Pro Raw mixer (for my ginger shoots and green power smoothies), my Phonon headphones and my Klipsch Heresy III speakers.
I love coloured vinyl because:
It’s a worthy representation of something that I or someone else put a lot of energy, work and emotions into making; the music. You can hold it, touch it, look at it. You can put it on a wall or a shelf. You can watch it spin…and it sounds good.
What is your present state of mind?
Sad, angry, happy, thankful and busy!
Tora Vinter's new EP Sheherazade is out now on white vinyl released through Bror Records from Gothenburg.  
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