5 Interesting Ways to Enjoy FIFA 19 Career Mode

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Every FIFA player has been there over the years. We have run out of ideas to keep our Career mode fresh.
Written by Rob & John GoodersonPublished on
Our current team can’t get any better and we’re not feeling the FUT Grind right now, and we don’t know where to go next. Well here are five ideas to keep the passion flowing as you build your impressive title winning CV.

1. Rags to Riches

Also known as road to glory and popular with content creators that play FUT on a fresh account without adding FIFA Points. This idea hinges on your ability to create without cash. There are clubs of the world who are known to create their success from within without splashing the green. This idea takes that philosophy to the next level as you start from the bottom and climb the leagues.
  • Start in the bottom division of your chosen country. (The deeper the country the harder)
  • Select a team you want to lead to glory (The smaller the transfer budget increases the difficulty)
  • Use no financial aids such as the financial takeover option.
  • Take your team, using the given players, prize pool and some creative loaning, to win the title of the top division, and receive the love and adoration from fans and importantly your accountants!

2. The Complete Package

This method is aimed at achieving the simply absurd when it comes to real life football, and certainly difficult when it comes to virtual football! Squad depth will be essential as you look to take your team to not only the league title and all domestic cups but also the Champions League (fresh in FIFA 19) in the SAME season. It doesn’t have to be the first season, to give time to prepare a squad, but all in one. For bonus difficulty you can complete this on a World Cup or European Championships year to add an international trophy to the list.
  • Start with any team you feel confident in making world beaters.
  • Build a deep squad that can withstand the long game weeks and can take an injury or two.
  • Take every title possible in ONE season to prove you are the complete package. (The Premier League having two domestic cups adds difficulty.)

3. The Youth Academy

This journey will have you feeling like a PE Teacher as you take a team and sign and use only players under the age of 23. Some older players may be needed to fill out the squad in the first season but with the correct transfer deals you can quickly offload the older members of the squad for all fresh faces. From this point your goal is the same as any other career mode, lead your team to the top whilst only making use of the youngest players in the game. Make sure to keep an eye on your squad as the seasons go on, make sure to sell any that pass the age of 23, no matter how far you’ve brought their overall!
  • Start in any league with any team.
  • Offload any players over the age of 23.
  • Sign under 23s and make use of the Youth Scouts to craft a team of world beating potential.
  • Achieve what you can until you can't take being a selling club anymore!

4. The League Hopper

One of the favourites we’ve tried so far on FIFAs past is The League Hopper. The aim of this method is to start in any league in any country and win the title. At this point you must look to move on to a new country and achieve the same as soon as a contract offer is available. Never will anyone be able to ask if you can do it on a rainy night in Stoke, or any other city for that matter as you will have conquered them all. Your seasoned manager will end up knowing more languages than we do skill moves. A true Journyeman manager.
  • Start in any league with any team.
  • Once the division title is won, accept a contract offer to move to a new country.
  • Win the league in each country you get offers for.

5. Player Career

What better way to see the game from a different perspective than to literally see the game from a different view. A classic option once you feel you can do no more as a manager is to take on the roles of a player. Ply your trade in every playable position, from GK to Striker, over multiple careers, to truly understand every cog that forms a well polished football machine. Make sure you lock to your player, and for another level you can use the pro camera which gives the game a truly different feel.
  • Start a Player Career with any chosen position.
  • Create your player.
  • Master each position on the field with a new career mode each time until you truly understand the way the game is played from back to front.
  • Lock to your player, this wouldn't be any different if you opt to control the entire team!
Now you can never run out of new ways to keep your careers fresh, these should keep you busy for quite some time and if it feels like its all getting a little too easy you can always up the difficulty (and the sliders to give the CPU a little extra help.)