Why Prehab is mucho Importante for Skiers.

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Written by Fabian Omne
Preventing injuries is your key to success - and here's how to do it.
We’re closing in on the winter season, and the stoke levels are increasing at an explosive speed. Social media is booming with new ski movies, winter holidays are getting planed, new goals are soon to be achieved, but most of all: The restlessness from months without snow is about to go out of the window. Our minds are definitely ready for charging down the slopes, but how about the rest of our sweet bodies?
Some lucky people have already taken the dust off their skis and are right now charging down some high peak in the Alps (congratulations), but most of us are still patiently waiting to get our first turns for the season. Regardless; whatever category you’re in, you need to do your homework. We’re talking about prehab, the workout that makes sure your body is ready to avoid getting injured while having fun in the snow. Here are a few tricks of how to get strong legs like Sverre Liljequist and acquire balance as the divine rope-dancers.

1. Make no excuses

A bit of a cliche, but it’s true. It’s easy to skip out on prehab. But don’t skip out on prehab. You’ll regret it. Watch motivational videos on Youtube to get in the mood. Or better yet; watch people make fun of motivational videos. It will make you feel superior and therefore able to overcome such minor problems as skipping leg day due to lack of motivation.

Check out InspireUs Workout Tips

Rebecka Harlaut, one of the founders of InspireUs and a certified physiotherapist, shows you how to prepare for winter through 3 movies. Watch them all for the greatest success: Endurance, Circuit Training, and Core-strength + mobility.

2. Do HIIT-training at home

Some periods of life go by in 2000 km/h, and finding space for hitting the gym feels pretty much impossible. Typically, that’s when you need a workout the most. Ironic, right? High Intense Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most effective and efficient workouts you can do. The best part: it goes fast, AND you can do it at home. Download the app IntervalTimer, set your own program, and get to it.
Here are 5 excellent ski exercises that you can do at home:

3. Plyometric/agility/balance training

Can you do this?
Can you do this?
Skiing is not a predictable sport, and you’ll need more than just strong muscles. By working on, for example, your agility, you’ll be better at being responsive, making tight, quick turns, and adjust to the changing terrain. Make sure to involve these types of exercises in your workout program.
For example: Lateral jumps, Bosu Squats with jump, speed ladder drills, box jumps, and single-leg balance.

4. Get a coach!

Make sure you’re doing what’s right for your body! Go and see a physiotherapist, a PT, or somebody you trust to have the proper knowledge about ski focused prehab. If you live in Åre, you have Rebecka Harlaut to holla at, otherwise, ask your ski loving friends for a recommendation, everybody has at least one.

5. Watch sick content. All day - everyday!

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