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TRAILER-TIME: The upcoming ski movies you must watch!

From Norway to Austria, to the wilderness of Northern America - check out all the incredible trailers right here.
Written by Fabian Omne
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It's that time of the year again. Autumns are the time of year when skiers and snowboarders are searching forensically for the biggest production companies and their sacred trailers for upcoming movies. Since you're here, we guess you're doing the same. So without further ado: Here are the biggest and most prominent trailers of movies dropping in fall 2020!

Teton Gravity Research - ROADLESS

The Teton Wilderness is one of the largest tracts of protected land in the lower 48. Join Bryan Iguchi, Jeremy Jones, and Travis Rice on a 10-day human powered expedition into this untamed area as they climb and ride dozens of never-before-seen lines.
Bryan Iguchi, Jeremy Jones, and Travis Rice.

Warren Miller – Timeless

The only constant is change, but the spirit of winter is eternal. Kick off the season with Warren Miller's Timeless, presented by Volkswagen, as we celebrate 70 years of ski cinematography and travel with top athletes across the globe to renowned mountain locations. Go to for more.
Mattias Hargin, Erin Mielzynski, Marcus Caston, Aurélien Ducroz, Amie Engerbretson, Connery Lundin, Lorraine Huber, Glen Plake, Caite Zeliff and many more.

Midiafilm – The Tyrolean and his Piefke

Roman Rohrmoser and Felix Wiemers are good old friends who have been skiing together for over 10 years. One of them, the textbook german "piefke" has been coming to Zillertal since 20 years, and the other, a Zillertal local simply grew up there. Speaking the same language yet not understanding each others due to their dialects makes for a funny portrait about both athletes during what seems to be their best winter since forever. A lot of sick action, deep pow shots, ranging from misunderstandings to occasional skiing and boring daily routines.
Roman Rohrmoser och Felix Wiemers


A movie about three Norwegian skiers. Norwegian sagas tell tales of people who gets lured into the mountains by paranormal beings or old symbolic creatures. They were, as it translates from Norwegian to English - Bergtatt/Taken by the mountain - and were to never ever return to civilization again. The movie will for 9 minutes bring you deep into the Norwegian mountains, and you better be careful. Being Bergtatt is a serious side-effect of this movie.
Marit Rolvsjord, Lisen Strøm och Ida Hilde Gunleiksrud


JYOSEI is a ski film created in Japan in 2019. It is unique in that it’s an all female project, including an all female production team. It features Japanese pow and urban skiing and is a milestone in the female industry!
Maddie Jones, Zoë Blewett, Mina Itaba, Taylor Lundquist, Brooke Potter, and Stefanie Mössler. Filmed by Laura Obermeyer.

Teton Gravity Research – Winterland

Winterland is a celebration of ski and snowboard culture. Today's mountain athletes can only stand as tall as those who came before, the pirates of the past who followed their own path and passion. This story of adventure is far from over, as a new crop of modern-day pioneers are eager to etch their names in the annals of history. The technology and style might evolve, but the rush, excitement, and pure fun remain eternal, bonding past, present, and future riders. The film will follow these individuals as they leave their own mark on these fabled locations.
Nick McNutt, Tim Durtschi, Griffin Post, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ian McIntosh, Sam Smoothy, Angel Collinson, John Collinson, Todd Ligare, Colter Hinchliffe, Fabian Lentsch, Christina Lustenberger, Kai Jones, Elyse Saugstad, Hadley Hammer, Jeremy Jones, Sean Jordan, Clayton Vila, Cam Riley, Cody Townsend, Robin Van Gyn, Mark Carter, Nicky Keefer.

Level 1 – Romance

In 1999 the old sport of skiing had just been given new life, and Level 1 was conceived to document its progress into the future. With twenty years in the rearview mirror it still stands true- new things never get old. Romance, the final chapter of annual films by Level 1, captures a modern-day Golden Age in skiing. Featuring a generation of talent that came of age in the best time to ever do it. Tweaking the formula, tweaking the grab, and in it for nothing but the love.
Riders: Lucas Stål Madison, Laurent De Martin, Sämi Ortlieb, Chris Logan, Parker White, Keegan Kilbride, KC Deane, Wiley Miller, Will Wesson, Noah Albaladejo, Tanner Rainville, Khai Krepela, Will Berman, Lucas Wachs, Duncan Adams, McRae Williams, Emile Bergeron, Phil Casabon, Tom Wallisch, Mike Hornbeck, Thayne Rich, Remco Kayser, Ahmet Dadali, Ben Smith, Ethan Swadburg, LJ Strenio, Colby Stevenson, Krypto Skier aka Eirik Moberg, and Friends.

Matchstick Productions – Return to Send'er

The skills, backstories and mindsets of four elite freeskiers—a renowned veteran, a stunning rookie, a mind-blowing innovator and a big mountain star carrying on his father's legacy—are all captured in oversized personal segments based largely around each skier's home turf. Each skier brings a different style and outlook to the table, but they all have one thing in common: they love to send'er. The body of the movie showcases some of the most progressive big and small mountain skiing filmed to date, and setting the stage for the end of the season when all four skiers unite for the mother of all heliskiing trips.
Mark Abma, Karl Fostvedt, Sam Kuch and Logan Pehota, Eric Hjorleifson, Chris Rubens, Lucas Wachs, and friends.

The Faction Collective – The Collective

Some call it a tribe mentality, others call it a shared sense of purpose. This film is our definition, written by a diverse team, each with their own ideas, their own forms of expression. "The Collective" is more than a sum of its parts. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from – it feels good to be part of something special.
Sam Anthamatten, Elisabeth Gerritzen, Andrew Pollard, Kelly Sildaru, Antti Ollila, Sarah Hoefflin, Alex Hall, Mathilde Gremaud, Taisuke Kusunoki, Giulia Tanno and more.
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