Tips for looking pro on skis

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Mastering skiing isn't hard. Kidding, it's ultra hard. But you don't need to master it, all you need to do is fake it. Until you make it.
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According to unverified sources, 90% of skiers today don't really care about their personal skill-level in the slopes as much as how others perceive their skill level. And in times like these, when never-ending exposure on social media is the norm and gateway to the sweet life, it's totally legit.

This is what's required of you in order to look pro:

  • You need to handle big mountain faces like Kristofer Turdell.
  • Piste Skiing should look as effortless as when Carl Regnér does it.
  • You need the same style as Jennie Lee Burmansson in the park.
As you probably realize by now, mastering only 33,333% of these steps takes a lifetime, and achieving all of them is impossible. As stated, 90% of us doesn't care about being as good as we're thought of. So how do we make sense of this mathematical problem?

The only respectable way of solving it is, of course, faking it.

But how? By practicing these methods, with no exceptions.

1. Even the worst skiers can do huge airs.

It's true! Flying doesn't take much skill. All you need to do is literally to let go of the precious ground and go BIG. Make sure someone takes a photo or video. If you want ultimate results: Don't include the landing in the frame. You probably won't nail it anyway.
Summary: This girl/guy is a sender, wow!

2. Pow-turns and photos.

Massive sprays and deep powder are every skier's best friend. You don't need a 300-meter long untracked field to pull this one off, all you need is a patch of snow, and someone to take the photo. Bonus points for sunrays in the picture.
Who would know if this was part of a 300 meters run or not?
Who would know if this was part of a 300 meters run or not?
Summary: Wow, she/he is such a powderhound, me like!

3. Tips, poles 'n steep runs.

Walk up to the steepest run you could ever imagine, slide out to the edge carefully with your skis pointing down the route, place your poles next to your skis and snap a picture. Then carefully back off, make it to the closest restaurant and order a hot chocolate while editing the absolute shit out of your smoking hot picture.
Summary: OMG! A steep skier! Daredevil!

4. Take photos with pros.

"Such a sick day with this legend, see ya next time bud."
Yeah we're pretty close and shred together on a regular basis.
Yeah we're pretty close and shred together on a regular basis.
Summary: They must be on the same level.

5. Wear the right outfit.

This one goes a long way. The perfect fit and a large pair of skis can, and probably will make you look more relaxed than you actually are. Try hovering around the center square of the ski town and see if you get any attention.
How to walk on the town square.
How to walk on the town square.
But keep in mind: There's nothing more refreshing than looking like a Jerry, wearing worn-out clothes and ill-fitting boots if you can crush your material-minded friends.
Summary: Posing in cool clothes is cool. Sending it in grandpa's old jacket is cooler.

6. Learn the Backflip before anything else.

If we were only allowed to give one tip, this would be it. The Backflip conquers and completely ELIMINATES everything that tries to contend in the crowd-pleasing sector. You can do double corks, switch triples or kangaroo flips all day long. But at the end of the day, the crowds will ten times out of ten cheer double as much when they see a backflip than any other trick in the world.
The trick of all tricks.
The trick of all tricks.
And the best of all: It's the easiest trick you could ever learn. Find a soft landing and go do it already!
Summary: Godly status instantly.
So there we have it. Try to practice and follow these tips carefully, cancel your upcoming ski course and get ready to tuck your head backward.

But what about the remaining 10%? Well, that would be this lot.

If you feel like all of these steps are cheap tricks, then we'd recommend you to take the long road instead. That means, stomping big cliffs and ski big lines. And don't worry, we have a guide for that!
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