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Everything you need to know about Red Bull Campus Clutch
The world's biggest VALORANT campus tournament is about to begin. Here's all you need to know about the awesome Campus Clutch!
Written by Joakim Henningson
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Red Bull Campus Clutch, the world's biggest VALORANT tournament for university students - and university students ONLY! Participate together with your friends if you want to show the world your awesome skills - or just have a really good time! Sign up here!
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Red Bull Campus Clutch Promo
The game everyone's talking about, VALORANT, is the world's next big esport. The team behind League of Legends, Riot Games, have made a free-to-play 5v5 tactical First Person Shooter with a twist; unique character (called Agents) abilities that'll spice things up. The objective is to plant or diffuse a bomb (you know the drill).
Campus Clutch?
Red Bull Campus Clutch is the ultimate 5v5 university student ONLY global VALORANT tournament! Sweden's two Qualifiers (online) will be played on April 17th and on April 24th. If you're good enough (or lucky) you'll play in the Swedish Final on May 15th and get the chance to represent Sweden (and your university) in the International Final in Spain!
VALORANT is THE game to play
VALORANT is THE game to play
You'll get your chance in one of two Swedish online Qualifiers:
  • Qualifier 1 - April 17th - 13.00
  • Qualifier 2 - April 24th - 13.00
The best team from each of the Qualifiers will battle it out in the Swedish Final on May 15th. The Final will be an Offline event at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Stockholm (if regulations requires it, the Swedish Finals will be Online).
The winners of the Swedish Final will get an all expenses paid trip to the International Final in Spain on June 18th-20th.
  1. Download VALORANT for free.
  2. Create a team consisting of 5 players.
  3. Sign up here.
  4. Pop a Red Bull.
  5. Enjoy the tournament!
The tournament format?
  • 5v5
  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 1 (Qualifiers)
  • Best of 3 (Finals)
  • Ban and Pick Map vote
Which Agent will YOU pick?
Which Agent will YOU pick?
How do I sign up?
Easy peasy! Sign up here!
Am I eligible to participate?
If you are 18+ and enrolled at a Swedish university you're eligible! A valid student ID is required in all stages of the tournament.
What can I win?
A brand new gaming hub for your university, €20.000 and a chance to experience the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021! Pretty nice, eh?
Red Bull Campus Clutch logo
Enjoy a great Red Bull tournament
Why should I join?
Experience a Red Bull amateur tournament and get the chance to win amazing prizes - while playing a great game together with your friends (and crush those annoying other universities who claim that their Valborg is the best) should be reasons enough 🥳
What about Covid-19?
Due to current circumstances the Swedish Final might be changed to Online instead of Offline. The same changes can be made to the International Final. We are monitoring the situation closely and will follow all required regulations.
Visit the FAQ Page for all the specifics!
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