Why Among Us is so popular

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Games like Among Us, Fall Guys, Roblox and Party Animals are incredibly popular right now. If you’re a gamer - you’re playing them. This is why these types of games resonate with our modern society.
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Games like Among Us, Roblox, Fortnite, Party Animals and Fall guys have taken over the world. If you’re a gamer, you are familiar with these games - or if you know a gamer who knows a gamer who knows a gamer… you get the point. Streamers stream them, creators create with them, writers write about them and gamers play them.
Screenshot of Mediatonic’s Fall Guys
Fall Guys is the perfect party game
Maybe the biggest factor of them all is the user friendliness, how easy you can get into the game, how easy you can learn it. In many games today, you’ll watch countless intros (which btw, often is amazingly done, but at the same time, tedious) and have to read never-ending background stories and learn a manual as thick as the amount of code put into the game. With Among Us, Fall Guys, Minecraft and the rest of the games in this article, you simply need to push play and begin. You might not be the best player right from the start, but you’ll probably be competing, at least. And after a few games, you might even snatch a lucky win! These types of games are created to be random, so in theory, everyone can win if all the stars align.
Colorful, bright and distinct. The graphics make things quite obvious in these games, and when things are clear - we often approve. And colorful and bright makes you less gloomy, right? It’s safe to say that these games aren’t graphical marvels, but they’re not designed to be that either. They’re designed to make you cheerful through vibrant colors and smooth gameplay (which often aren’t the case with more graphic-oriented games) - which also enables almost everyone to play. You don’t need the latest RTX card or a supercomputer, you can play them on your old laptop, consoles or even tablets. And they’ll still run smoothly!
Among Us gets streamed by everyone from creators to politicians
Among Us gets streamed by everyone from creators to politicians
Fortnite, anyone?
Fortnite, anyone?
In this modern society, time and, maybe more importantly, the attention span is critical to the success of nearly all cultural enjoyments. People want to get that feeling of satisfaction immediately. The digital world we live in enables you to get online nearly everywhere. On the subway, bus, toilet, train, before you go to bed - while you wait in general. And with minutes to spare, we want to do something - and what better way to kill some time than playing a game, right? This approach as normal behaviour to the modern person is something that game developers understand - and capitalise on. Never have we seen the amount of games created to match the current flow of everyday life. Speaking of the new digital era…
… We also need to talk about the social aspect of these types of games. As more and more people get their social kicks over various social media - online games have also been identified as a place where friends meet, and new friendships (and relationships) are formed. Multiplayer has long been an integral part of gaming. And esports, the world’s third biggest sport, wouldn’t even exist without online gaming. That’s why, with the digital era and all, social gaming is a very big part of many peoples lives. Many people, for various reasons, meet their friends in-game the majority of times. Their social networks are so intertwined with social gaming that it’s more of a reality than a probability that they “hang out” online. Among Us, Roblox, Fall Guys or any of the similar types of games excel at these “hang outs”. They’re specifically (in most cases) made for friends meeting online to play together, and hang out.
Fall Guys
These games are so easily accessible
For those of us who follow streamers, youtubers, influencers etc, these games are popular and also incredibly fun to watch. They’re fast paced, hysterical, chaotic and hilarious. The Let’s Players we like play together with other Let’s Players because, as we said earlier, these games are amazing social games. And when popular Let’s Players play a game, it gets spread, and more Let’s Players and more gamers will play it - it’s all an upward spiral of distribution and fame. You know the popular impact of a game (in this case Among Us) when a member of the U.S House of Representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is streaming it. Another thing that makes these games so accessible is the low amount of time needed to enjoy them. You can watch, or play, them for 5 minutes, and you’ll still have a blast. As we said earlier, the attention span is shorter because gamers want immediate enjoyment - and with these titles, every game, or match, is different. There are so many game modes to choose from, and so much randomization that it feels fresh even 50 hours in.
Plain and simple: these games just resonate with our modern society. Fun, easily accessible, social, random and widely popular are all ingredients in an amazingly successful recipe.
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