Red Bull Flick was hosted by Daniel Norlin
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Red Bull Gaming interviews of 2021

Last year we met a couple of really interesting Swedes here at Red Bull Gaming. Check them out here!
Written by Joakim Henningson
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We've talked to everyone from drone pilots, TikTok stars, Chess masters and professional Super Smash players, during the last year. Swedish stars in their own rights and superstars in their own domains. Are you an aspiring media influencer? Professional esports player? Or editor? Check out these awesome interviews!

Daniel Norlin

TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Spotify. Daniel Norlin's talents are obvious. Making music and making prank videos on the town may seem like two different worlds - but that won't stop Daniel. Just ask one of his hundreds of thousands of followers.
Daniel Norlin interviewing Bagcibrothers
Daniel Norlin interviewing Bagcibrothers

Emma 'Swebliss' Bliss

Speaking of multitalents, Swebliss seems like she isn't afraid of anything. Podcasting, hosting, starring on Twitch and YouTube, designing - it's safe to say that she's got many irons in the fire. We're always excited about her next projects.
Swebliss hosting Red Bull Campus Clutch 2021
Swebliss kicking it as the host

Viggo Koch

Viggo Koch is the Drone Racing World Cup silver medalist who filmed our Red Bull Gaming Sphere with his awesome custom made Gep RC CineLog 30. A part from racing and filming, he also builds Drones and was one of the first Swedes who competed in Drone Racing.
Games · 1 min
One-take drone clip from Red Bull Gaming Sphere Stockholm

Anna Cramling

The Swedish version of The Queen's Gambit, Anna Cramling is the teenage Woman Fide Master with two Grand Master parents who introduced chess to a whole new generation through Twitch and social media. How cool is that?!
Anna Cramling streaming from the Gaming Sphere
Anna Cramling streaming from the Gaming Sphere

Konrad Ydhage

Founder of the STHLM PANDA channel in the early days of YouTube, Konrad's been posting videos and clips ever since. Always excited to try out the latest media, this modern type of influencer is always relevant.

Linus 'Pipsqueak' Nordin

Pipsqueak is Sweden's biggest rising star in Super Smash Bros. He recently got his first invitation to the highest echelons of the Smash world: the Smash Summit, where he played against the best players in the world.
Pipsqueak at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere Smash Summit viewing party
Pipsqueak at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere Smash Summit viewing party

Oliver 'c0mparn' Andersson

It's no wonder why c0mparn's nickname is The King of Simulators. His passion and love for the increasingly popular genre Simulator Games is obvious, and he got his videos on YouTube to show for it. And the fact that his dream simulator game is Greaser Simulator, makes us love him even more.
c0mparn as charming as usual
c0mparn as charming as usual
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