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Binge: the Red Bull TV shows you couldn't turn off in 2020

From the show that really should make you respect motocross racers more to the series that unlocks the secrets of personal success, this is what you couldn't stop watching on Red Bull TV this year.
Written by Benjamin SaldiasPublished on
Let's face it, we've all probably spent more time bingeing on shows and series this year than we planned. That doesn't mean you've been sat around watching dross, though. You've clearly got fine taste, as our most-watched shows of the year on Red Bull TV prove. These are the nine that you've loved the most.

1. The climbing series non-climbers love

Climbing · 21 min
La Dura Dura
Now six seasons deep, our standout climbing show Reel Rock continues to wow everyone who sees it, climber or not.
Following the world's top climbers, alpinists and mountaineers to the wildest places on Earth, with stories of triumph, failure and redemption, it's easy to see why Reel Rock hits the spot for so many.
Packed with stunning landscapes, a cast of rich, complex characters, plenty of heart-lurching moments and real intrigue, it's the definition of binge-worthy. If you've not watched it yet, what are you waiting for? We guarantee that you'll love it.

2. Help on not looking a noob on the slopes

Style matters. Especially if you want to grab something sick for the 'gram on your next ski or snowboard trip. You're not going to do that if your signature move is winding down the windows at warp speed, though.
Luckily, Shred Hacks has been here to help and you've been tuning in to soak up the advice from the world's best freeskiers and snowboarders on how to stay safe and improve your skills on the snow.
Whether it's something as simple as learning how to choose the best freeskis for you, or something a bit more advanced, like tips on how to build a big backcountry booter like in the episode below, Shred Hacks has you covered.
Freeskiing · 6 min
How to build a backcountry jump

3. The beach break we all wished we'd had

There's been a lot of living virtually in 2020 and for a lot of us No Contest was the sun-filled beach break we could actually take while locked up at home – and what a trip it's been.
Surfing · 20 min
Gold Coast 2020
Joining the big dogs of the WSL surfing world series on the road along the impossibly perfect Gold Coast of Australia, season three of the show was the dose of sun, sand and sublime surfing we all needed.

4. Who is JOB? The man with the best job in the world

Surfing · 9 min
Tandem kayaks and pipeline
If you could trade lives with any member of the Red Bull family, who would it be? Judging by the figures his long-running series Who is JOB generate, a lot of you would undoubtedly pick surfing legend and general fun magnet, Jamie O'Brien.
Following O'Brien and his crew of friends and fellow surf pros around the globe, capturing whatever hi-jinks and craziness they can dream up, Who is JOB pretty much confirms that world class surf stars really do live a gifted life and that JOB really does have more fun than any fully grown man can reasonably expect to have. Jealous? Yeah, us too.

5. If you want mud, we've got it

What better time than a lockdown to discover one of the best-kept secrets in world sport and that's what race-starved petrol heads everywhere have been doing with MX World, our series following the FIM World Motocross Championship. It might not be a flashy and well-known as MotoGP™ or F1, but motocross more than matches either sport for spectacle.
Motocross · 21 min
Motocross of Nations has arrived
There's a reason why those in the know rate the championships as one of the most exciting and demanding motorsports anywhere and its racers some of toughest, fittest and most supremely talented athletes of any sport on Earth.
See why for yourself in the episode above and then check out the full series here.

6. The Horn

Stop sniggering at the name, you at the back. This is a serious show about a very serious subject and it's a seriously gripping watch.
Adventure · 47 min
The storm
Turning the spotlight on the vital, under-recognised work of mountain rescuers, The Horn follows the brave men and women of Air Zermatt, the world's best aerial search and rescue team.
Like all great shows, from the very first episode to the last, this show had everyone on the edge of their seats and left us all feeling very much in awe of those who are dedicated to saving the lives of climbers on Switzerland's feared Matterhorn.

7. Join the adventures of the century

Exploration · 52 min
Calm in the dark
With a trip to the local park a major event these days, the epic adventures featured in the latest series of Explorers were a timely reminder that there's plenty of the world still to explore and some incredible people doing just that.
Following the world's most adventurous athletes and their exploits, season five of the show featured an epic sea kayaking expedition between Greenland and Scotland, the claustrophobia-inducing expeditions of cave diver Elizabeth Rogers seen above and a risky attempt to paragliding almost 700km across the remote Alaska Range and more.
Guaranteed to leave you with a newfound respect for the human imagination and endurance – and ready to take on whatever the next year can throw at you.

8. Signature shenanigans

Every sport has that one iconic event that stands out above others, representing the pinnacle of the discipline – think F1's Monaco Grand Prix, or horse racing's Grand National – and it's these massive, historic contests that are the focus of the Red Bull Signature Series.
Bike · 44 min
Red Bull Rampage
The 2020 season shipped off host Sal Masakela to take an in-depth look at the Volcom Pipe Pro and its infamous, feared waves at Banzai Pipe Line, as well as finding out why the Burton US Open is the snowboard event that really matters to the sport's big players and taking a look back at how the Red Bull Hare Scramble and Rampage have become the biggest events in hard enduro and mountain biking.
It's the year's best action sports events, in-depth, all in one place and you can catch up with the Red Bull Signature Series here.

9. Get a true vision of greatness

Music · 52 min
The unifiers
After burning yet another lockdown loaf this summer, you might well have wondered out loud how you truly become great at something... and then tuned in to Visions of Greatness to find out.
Where does greatness come from? That's the question this fascinating series looks to answer, sitting down with everyone from the man who mapped the human genome to Olympic medal-winning athletes and beloved rock gods to discover why.
A revelatory deep dive into human nature and the science behind how people can become truly successful, this is exactly the series we all needed to see this year.
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