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Epic places for Spring Skiing in Sweden
Spring is officially sprung - and here are the two best places for skiers to enjoy it.
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We love it, period. The rays from the sun are getting warmer, the oh-so concrete-ish groomers are finally soft enough to go full send, and the landings of every jump, rail, and drop are just waiting for you to bombard it.

But where should you head to enjoy it? Easy: To the mountains.


Snowboarder Kalle Ohlson in Riksgränsen
Kalle Ohlson in Riksgränsen
It’s a given for every freerider to head to the northernmost ski resort in Sweden, and it has been since pretty much the dawn of time. From legendary contests to fantastic opportunities to ski some of the most significant lines in Sweden, Riksgränsen has it all.
The Kebnekaise Massif, in all its glory.
The Kebnekaise Massif, in all its glory.
This year, the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships Is due to go off between May three through five - a must for the freeride in the know, especially this year, as it is the 30th anniversary!
NM riksgränsen 2017
NM riksgränsen 2017
Read more about Sweden's biggest competition and sign up here!


Turdell and Holmgren hucking it.
Turdell and Holmgren hucking it.
“Aah, not that place again; why does everyone always mention Åre as the top spot for everything?”
It’s pretty straightforward: Åre is epic, and the diversity of the mountain is hard to find. To prove it, you only need to look at the inhabitants of each ski resort in Sweden. You’ll, without much calculation, figure out that more or less every prominent skier in Sweden that has skiing as occupation chooses Åre as their base.
Springtime is usually send-time when it comes to skiing in Åre. You’ll see the free riders scatter as ants on the big-ish faces on offer. Baksidan, Östra Ravin, and Tävråvalvet are frequently visited by a gang of senders to defy gravity, their own sense, and impress the hombres. Bräcke Snowpark is also the second-best park in Sweden after Kläppen, which gives this mountain an overall approval-stamp that is tough to beat.
Fun fact: Jesper Tjäders favorite park in the whole wide world is Bräcke Snowpark. His reasons why can be seen in the fifth episode of ‘Season Pass.’
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Season Pass S01E05: Åre
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