OK, now you're just showing off

Wingsuit flying above the pyramids of Egypt

They’ve seen off dust-storms and ancient plagues and now, thanks to Cédric Dumont, a skydive.

Flying over the pyramids of Giza
Flying over the pyramids of Giza© Noah Bahnson

They are one of the most visited attractions in the world, an ancient wonder immortalised by Hollywood. Recently, they got a new visitor – Cédric Dumont, who made the first-ever wingsuit flight over the iconic landmarks, landing at the steps of the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Watch the flight above the pyramids

Famous for the ancient curses of the Pharoahs, we're happy to report Cédric's historic wingsuit flight went off without a hitch. The 43-year-old athlete couldn't contain his joy on landing.

“It was one of the most unique flying experiences of my life because of the unique visual of the pyramids,” he says. “I've been dreaming of this project for a few years and it took a long time to get the permissions. It's military airspace above the pyramids, no one is supposed to fly above them.”

It's not the first time that he has visited Egypt. He had previously attempted a BASE jump from the Cairo Tower in 2012, which was cancelled due to risky wind conditions. This flight was made possible thanks to cooperation from Egypt's Ministries of Defense, Youth & Sports as well as Antiquities and the General Secretariat.

OK, now you're just showing off
OK, now you're just showing off© Noah Bahnson / Red Bull Content Pool

Dumont's other feats include making the first ever BASE jump from Lithuania's tallest building, the 170-metre-high Vilnius TV tower in 2009; the world's highest railway bridge in Montenegro (201m); the Royal Gorge Bridge in Cañon City, Colorado – the highest suspended bridge in the world (384m); and off the 431-metre-high Jin-Mao tower in Shanghai in a BASE wingsuit.

In addition to completing the highest jumps in the world, on the "flip-side", Cédric Dumont has also recorded the world's lowest BASE jumps, including a freefall jump from a height of just 35 metres.

Dumont zeroes in on his target
Dumont zeroes in on his target© Noah Bahnson

Dumont is already dreaming of future projects, flying in incredible locations around the world – and we look forward to sharing those whenever they happen.

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Written by Tarquin Cooper