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Exciting MTB trail projects in Sweden 2021

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From brand new bike parks to XC trail centers and jump parks - here are 6 MTB spots to keep an eye on this season.
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Mountain biking in Sweden has been booming for the past couple of years, and despite a strange 2020, the sport continues to grow like never before. A very exciting side-effect of all this MTB hype are all the new riding spots being developed across the country. From small jump spots and local bike parks to big well-funded XC trail centers, there are tons of cool trail spots popping up.
Here are six exciting trail projects in Sweden that are worth keeping an eye on in 2021.


Oscar Härnström knows what he wants out of a trail!
Oscar Härnström knows what he wants out of a trail!
A brand new bike park is going to be developed by freerider Oscar Härnström, who purchased Tolvmannabacken in 2020. The building is to commence as soon as the winter and snow ease off, with the aim to open up five trails this spring. Oscar has raced both World Cup Downhill races as well as extreme Downhill and freeride events like Red Bull Hardline and Dark Fest, and it will be exciting to see what someone with his experience can produce on the small yet mighty hill in Kisa.
Tolvamannabacken is an old ski facility/hill that we’re going to rebuild into Sweden’s newest bike park with exciting and fun riding for the whole family. The plan is to have two blue, two red and one black trail-ready for the opening weekend this spring, however, the cold and snowy winter weather has pushed back our building plans slightly. But we hope to start as soon as possible! You can follow the whole building project on our social media” - Oscar Härnström owner and project leader of Kisa Bike Park.


Sundsvall has big plans for its MTB scene and tourism. Their aim is to become a top-class MTB destination attracting riders from all over the country. Project Dynamo Sundsvall, as it's called, have 20 million SEK to put towards an MTB arena and trail center as well as local bike-related businesses.
The MTB arena and trail center will be located on Södra Berget where there already is a pretty big MTB scene. Local riders opened up a bike park last summer and there are plenty of Enduro and MTB trails in the area. Project Dynamo Sundsvall will focus on flow trails that suit the whole family and a wide range of riders. In total, the aim is to build 10 km blue flow trail, a 3,5 km long XC course for training and competition purposes, 20 km singletrack, 2 skills parks and 3 city-close pump tracks.
The project will run until February 2023 but already by June 2021 they hope to have a one pump track, one skills area, one green flow trail and part of their signature trail ready for riding.
"Södra Berget already has a big sport and recreational scene with frisbee golf, high ropes adventure course and trails for running and walking. There are loads of MTB activity as well with the newly opened bike park, the so-called MTB trails built by the municipality a few years ago and a revived BMX area from the 90's. Considering there was a total bike ban in the area up until a couple of years ago, this is a huge turnaround for biking. We're very excited about the new MTB arena, which aims to connect it all together and create a fun and exciting MTB experience." - Vincent Arvidsson, project leader for Dynamo Sundsvall.
“Sundsvall already has a lot of technical riding thanks to its rooty and rocky terrain. With the bike park opening last season and now this trail center being built, I really hope people will stop by more and more. We're becoming a small MTB destination for sure and as it’s located really close to the E4 motorway, it’s the perfect pit stop for riders on their way to Åre” - Alex von Mentzer, local rider and trail builder.


A local MTB group is opening a bike park on Ulricehamn's ski hill this spring/summer. The locals have been hard at work since last season building new trails and shaping up old ones. Their plan is to have eight trails ready by the time they open the bike park with trails ranging from easy flow trails to enduro trails to more challenging downhills. The goal is to have trails that suit both beginner and family riders as well as experts.
The project is run by local riders, kids and parents in consent with the owners of the hill, Branäsgruppen. Currently, the owners of the hill aren't involved in the project, but the riders are hoping to partner up with them to expand the project. In order to do so, the riders are hosting a test weekend in early summer with events, clinics, music, food, drinks, newly shaped trails.
Everyone is welcome to the test weekend! We hope that it will show Branäsgruppen that there is enough interest to give mountain biking and the bike park a proper go. The whole project is very exciting. We’re so many different types of people involved in it, it’s amazing. I’ve been riding and digging here my whole life - it’s such a perfect hill for digging and so much potential for sick tracks in the forest. I can’t wait for people to come to ride!” - Adam Larsson, local rider and trail builder involved in the project.
The date for the test weekend is not yet set so keep an eye out on their Instagram for updates.


Cykla Järvsö started their big XC trail building project in early 2020 resulting in 20 km of green and blue trails already primed and open to the public. The aim is to build 60 km of green, blue and the occasional red trails with a focus on families and beginner riders. The trails will be located in two different areas - Badtjärnsområdet and Skästraberget/Hockabacken.
Originally Cykla Järvsö raised 6 million SEK to go towards this project, and for 2021, they have managed to raise another 6 million SEK from Gävleborg to go towards sustainable MTB trails in the area. The goal for this season is to build another 10 km of trail and expand into Hockabacken.
The goal is to have all trails connected via merging spots so you can choose to link different trails together and create different loops each time you're out. Short or long, easy or hard - you decide! A bit like a spider net. Eventually, the two areas - badtjärnsområdet and Skästraberget - will also be connected with a trail so you can pedal in-between.” - Fredrik Jelk, founder and CEO of Cykla Järvsö.


This brand new jump spot is an under-the-radar-kind of project started by Robert Johansen last spring when he got access to some land in Kållekär, Tjörn (about 50 min outside of Göteborg). He wanted to get better at jumping and, with no spots around, set out to build one himself. With the help from rider Oscar Bengtsson, they have finished two big lines with multiple options for jumps, drops and berms. The lines are 250 meters top to bottom and are built mainly for Enduro mountain bikes but there is also one slopestyle jump for smaller bikes.
The jump park is set to officially open on the 9th of July 2021. By then the park will have one corner jump, one slopestyle jump, four small wallrides, one big wallride, two bigger tabletop jumps à 7 meters, one rollable medium jump, 10 berms, four drops in different sizes, six dirt jumps from easy to hard, a balance area and a bbq area. For insurance reasons, you’ll need to get a one-off membership of around 50 SEK in order to ride.
It’s all been a bit hush-hush as I want to be able to present a proper concept once we’re ready to open - it's all very exciting! The whole thing started with me wanting to get better at jumping so I needed to build a spot where I could practice. I got permission to use some land last spring and started building. I've even bought myself a digger so that I can move dirt faster, haha.
The jumps are pretty big as I want it to be a spot where expert riders can come and have fun and challenge themselves, but we’ve built lines around the big jumps so that beginners can come and play too. We’ve put loads of drainage in so I hope we can keep the spot open even in winter." - Robert Johansen, creator and builder of the jump spot.


Part of the trail crew in Åre.
Part of the trail crew in Åre.
Åre Destination has been developing a trail center in Björnen in Åre the past couple of years and the plan is to continue building more trails in 2021. Plans are still being set for this year with more info to follow in the next month or so. The area already has 7 green and blue trails, and an 8th one on the go, as well as a skills park and pump track area.
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